Life Choices - October 2017

     A Journey to Baptism
Irma, from Christ Community Church introduced Yolanda to A Woman's Choice Resource Center.  They are contributors to our ministry through the baby bottle campaign and now brought one of their own to receive services they support.  They are a neighborhood Church that ministers to a young Chinese population - their services are in both Mandarin and English. Following her visit to AWC she found Necole's Place.  She describes Necole's Place as "not just a place where people work but where they live out Jesus.  You see a light in the eyes of people who work here, where there is fun, food, everything you need to feel loved -this was especially special to me since I am a foreigner. You also welcomed my mother and father who had never been to America and came here to be with me during the end of my pregnancy - they do not speak any English yet were very welcomed. My mother...
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All Things Hold Together
My story begins in the Ivory Coast...
Volunteer Appreciation Brunch
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An Artist's Work in Progress
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Prayer and Praise

We are Praising and Thanking God for:
  • We open in our new building on November 1st!!!!!!
  • All the donated services, materials, and furnishing for the new building
  • New name, logo, and brand that will be revealed when we open at 701 W Muhammad Ali
  • New volunteer coordinator

We ask Prayers for:
  • Huge need for sonographers
  • Stamina as the staff is in the midst of packing and preparing to move
  • Move logistics - everything is done on time and nothing overlooked
  • Acceptance and effectiveness of new name and logo
  • Clients and staff to transition well to new facility
  • Life skill clients currently dealing with life crisis situations
  • Need for more volunteers
  • Truth to prevail as opposition tries to discredit the work of pregnancy centers
  •  Attacks against the ministry to bring in more clients rather than less!

A Woman's Choice Resource Center