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They told us not to get a dog. My friend, Ed was emphatic and warned, "Listen to me! You get a dog, and everything seems great. Then one day you realize that the kids have left home, and then the dog dies. I am telling you it's too sad, don't do it."  read more

Two forces drove me to change my life.
The first came in response to a sense that I had done it all as an HR executive. There were no surprises, only the tedium of repetition. Fortunately, I had spent the last ten years enjoying a corporate environment which allowed me to be myself, with little self censure or pretense. In spite of that, I couldn't face another year.   read more

My mind is awash with all sorts of thoughts about the dialog I am having with the world.  I never dreamed that when I spoke to the world it would speak back to me. read more

Wrapped in God's Grace, a Life Rediscovered  achieved Amazon Best Seller in two categories. 

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