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Gary Fandrei
Among his many attributes, Gary Fandrei is a man with an artistic bent, a penchant for cold climates, and rescuer of animals in need. He's also been a valued member of our Board of Directors since 2006.  
The Board of Directors met on September 9, in the beautiful and welcoming community of Seldovia. On the agenda was a primer on fracking in Alaska from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and industry and regulatory updates from BlueCrest Energy, Hilcorp Alaska, and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

Regional Stakeholder Group to remain unchanged, for now

When the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) officials met with the Board in Seldovia this month, they elaborated on proposed updates to the Regional Stakeholder Committee process and subarea plans.
CIRCAC has opposed the proposed changes to the Regional Stakeholder Committee process which would was to divide the Regional Stakeholder Committee into two groups: a Tribal and Local Government Group and Affected Stakeholders Group, without giving them equal access to information within the Incident Command System. In addition to participating in the Regional Stakeholder Committee, CIRCAC plays an active role in the Incident Command System during emergency response. We believed the proposal would place unnecessary obstacles to obtaining information. Most comments on the proposal were negative, and ADEC rescinded the proposal at this time. We will continue to communicate our views on new proposals to revise the Unified Plan that would have an adverse effect on citizen participation.
CIRCAC also remains concerned about the State's proposed changes to Subarea Plans which would reduce the number of subareas from 10 to 4.Changing the number of subareas in Alaska has significant ramifications beyond drills and exercises. We have asked ADEC for clarity on the geographic boundaries of the subareas and membership of each Subarea Committee. Our comments are available online. Information on the state's regional planning proposal is posted on the ADEC website

 ADEC's proposed subarea plans (Source: ADEC)
Coming up,

October 11-13, Alaska State Chamber of Commerce Fall Forum, Kenai
October 12-13, Alaska ShoreZone Partners Meeting, Captain Cook Hotel
October 28, Harbor Safety Committee, BP Energy Center, Anchorage

November 1, Clean Gulf Conference, Tampa
November 17, Pacific Marine Expo, Seattle 

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