Summer Quarterly Newsletter
Join us for drop-in classes this summer. The summer session begins June 5. It's a great time to try us out and to experience different teachers. 503.223.8157
We had so much response to our spring special focus workshops, we are offering several options this summer. Some are: Slo Mo Yoga, 4 week inversion preparation series, Yoga for Hands and Feet to name a few. All of the workshops require pre-registration.
The 11-week Fall term begins the week of September 18. Come in for a summer drop-in to determine your level. Call to enroll for the fall term. 503.223.8157 

The next 200 hour Alignment-Based Yoga Teacher Training begins June 9, 2017. We have just a few spots left. If you are interested, contact Rachel at
Join Julie Gudmestad for a week-long anatomy intensive beginning July 31, running through August 4. This workshop will open your eyes and deepen your practice or if you are a teacher, it will inform your teaching.
August 19 - 20
Manchester, ENGLAND
August 25 - 27
Uppsala, SWEDEN
September 9 - 10
September 16 - 17
Manchester, ENGLAND 
A Note from Julie Gudmestad
How are your plans shaping up for this summer? Is it going to be busy, with visiting house guests, frequent travels, and many house and yard projects? Or will it be more laid back, with time to enjoy the beautiful northwest outdoors, casual picnics, and time in the hammock with a good book?

Either way, we hope your plans include yoga. Practicing yoga over the years can help us learn flexibility: flexibility doesn't just apply to your muscles! A wise yoga practitioner learns to fit in some practice time whether the day is busy or relaxed. Some days may only allow for a downward dog and a couple of minutes of breathing while lying over a roll, while other days open up a full hour or more for a longer sequence.

We've tailored our summer schedule to offer classes with a wide choice of times, teachers, and levels. Hopefully you'll find just the right classes to fit into your summer plans. If your summer will be busy, with only short times to practice, I suggest that you select classes of a slightly lower level. A less challenging class will help you stay in touch with your practice without pushing you too hard. On the other hand, if your summer includes longer practices you might try going up a level, or even take 2 or 3 classes a week. Summer can be a great time to expand your practice and your repertoire of poses.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Julie Gudmestad 
Yoga Tip

Yoga Feet

Awareness of your feet is important in all yoga poses, whether you're standing on them or they're pointing up in the air in an inversion. Every pose challenges us to find the balance between supination (lifting the arch) and pronation (dropping the arch and grounding the big toe and inner heel).

In all the standing poses, we work on this balance by pressing down evenly through the four corners of the foot: the base of the big toe, the base of the little toe, and the inner and outer heel. Every pose presents a new challenge, as some poses tend to over-supinate the feet and some tend to over-pronate.

Yoga Feet
We usually start work on balancing the foot in Tadasana, or mountain pose. On a dry summer day, try going outside and connect your feet to the earth through sand, stones, or grass. First, lift your toes, spread them wide, and set them back down with even space between the toes. Then feel the weight on the four corners and work to balance them by alternately pressing down the big toe and lifting the arch till you feel well balanced.

From this balanced foundation, the rest of your pose can grow up. In Tadasana, we'd like to be well-grounded, which gives us stability and a sense of center, while at the same time growing up from our roots. The upward growth brings lightness.

Share Your Yoga Pictures with Us

goat malasana
Send us your pictures of you doing yoga on your travels and adventures this summer and we'll add them to our bulletin board. It's always fun and inspiring to see your poses. We'd love to refresh our board.

We are all looking forward to the sun showing itself and warming us, but let's not forget that it is the rain that nourishes the plants and revitalizes them, giving us the wonderful deep green color and fragrance of the Northwest that we love so much. The rain will end and the sun will come out. This we know. We hope to see you at the studio during the summer when the sun is high in the sky and not a drop of rain in sight!

See you soon!

Janice Gega
Gudmestad Yoga