Huron Valley State Bank Raises $1,600 From Employee Driven Casual For A Cause 

Once a month, Huron Valley State Bank holds a special Casual for a Cause (Jean's Day). This program allows employees to wear jeans in exchange for providing a donation for the designated charitable need. The causes are either for an individual in need or a large-scale community program. In 2019, the Casual for A Cause program raised over $1,600.  More Info.
Celebrating Years of Service
  • Jack Shubitowski, President & CEO - 13 Years of Service
  • Sheri Miles, Marketing Director - 6 Years of Service
  • Tanya Rosario, CSR (Milford) - 4 Years of Service
  • Tim Collins, Vice President/Commercial Lender - 9 Years of Service

U.S. Postal Service Delivers
Email Phishing Campaign
An international ransomware attack targeting Germany and Italy has landed on U.S. shores. Proofpoint discovered a blitz of phishing emails claiming to be from the United States Postal Service (USPS). It observed thousands of phishing emails with malicious Microsoft Word attachments containing the IcedID banking Trojan. The email phishing campaign impersonated the USPS as the messenger for the malware attachments, hoping to capture victims using the legitimacy of the organization as bait. More Info.
Ransomware Victims Can Get
Files Back Without Paying a Ransom
Who doesn't love getting something for free? Well, now victims of ransomware attacks are thrilled to know they can get their encrypted and ransomed files back from cybercriminals-without having to pay a ransom demand. Even better, they can decrypt the files themselves and do it entirely for free! Thanks to The No More Ransom Project, an effort by cybersecurity and law enforcement professionals to combat ransomware, many victims now have the tools they need to decrypt their ransomed files. That's great news for ransomware victims and very bad news for cybercriminals.  More Info.
Fun Money Fact
The most counterfeited denomination of money is the $20 bill. The next most counterfeited bill is the $100 bill.
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