IntroducingTru-Fit® by

Presenting the Tru-fit® Full Size Steam Table Pan, the first ever "EXTRA DEEP" full size steam table pan. With its patent pending design, this distinctly crafted product boasts generous added cavity depth over traditional full steam tables, providing the user with significant increased food serving capacity. 

In addition, this cleverly designed pan neatly accepts the traditional half size extra deep steam table pan, for the perfect fit, something which could not be done previously using traditional full size steam table pans.  

Whether the user is in need of this extra capacity to serve a large event, using it with the standard chafing sets to heat food, or putting ice inside to cool food, this first to market Tru-Fit® pan will provide greater efficiency for the operator and reduce labor replenishment time and expense in food service settings.

With the introduction of these new Tru-Fit® Steam Tables, HFA continues to lead the way in the development of novel and progressive packaging for the Foodservice Industry. We know that all of you will be as excited as we are to receive these revolutionary new items in the marketplace.

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