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Treating Shoulder Impingement

New Article on Discusses the 

Best Approaches for Treating Shoulder Impingement

  • The article published in July 2017 stated "exercise should be prescribed for all patients with shoulder impingement syndrome"
  • The authors claim that exercise should be used as "the first treatment" option and exercise can help improve pain, range of motion, and physical function in patients
  • Additional treatment options that were helpful included ultrasound-guided injections, manual therapy, and taping techniques
  • Exercise combined with manual therapy was effective for helping to reduce pain
  • Take home message: To best treat shoulder impingement, exercise was the preferred approach. Exercise combined with manual therapy and possible injections, if needed, was a strong combination to help improve pain and physical function.


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Our dedicated team of physicians and physical therapists is here to help fix your shoulder pain. Our physicians can help examine, diagnose, and treat your shoulder pain. Many of our physicians provide ultrasound-guided corticosteroid injections when required in order to help reduce shoulder pain. Our physical therapists can perform examinations and then incorporate patient specific exercises and manual therapy techniques to help improve your pain, range of motion, and overall level of physical function. Let us help treat your shoulder pain or shoulder impingement today!

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