JUNE 2016

WOW! Ten months have gone by very, very quickly. It is hard to believe that the end of June is only weeks away!!  As the school year draws to a close, it is time to look back and celebrate some of the highlights and accomplishments of St. Cyril School, many of which could not have been made possible if it were not for the generous donations received from Parents/Guardians, made to the CSPC, at the beginning of the year.  With your donations, the Council was able to provide the students with agendas, have scientists in the school, provide the classrooms and the library financial support, offset costs for the Swim, Hockey and W5 teams, give support for the First C ommunion/Confirmation celebratory lunch, as well as SK and Grade 8 Graduations. Your donations also allowed us to provide busing for classroom field trips, refreshments/snacks for class skating trips, Winter Carnival, Pancake Tuesday and Play Day. This year also we also supported bringing in a popular Author to read and meet with the students. to the give financial support to classrooms/library. 

And....as if the year wasn't filled with enough activity already, there is still one final event that the CSPC is supporting. On  Friday June 17 ,  student will receive an introductory Lesson to Tennis which has been made possible through a partnership between North York Tennis Association and Nike Sports Camp. We are asking each student to bring in a Toonie ($2.00) as a donation to the St. Cyril Green Team to support theiof the Schoolyard Greening initiative over the summer.  Thanks to Raphael Leong for organizing this event.
Bus Cancellation
By now you have probably heard that St. Cyril School is one of the school's affected by the Board's decision to cancel bus transportation in an effort to recover from the budget shortfall. If you are affected by this decision and want to voice your opinion/lobby for a reversal, we suggest contacting Trustee Maria Rizzo at 416-512-3405 and Superintendant John Shain : 416-222-8282 ext 2267
Click the linkg to sign a petition:  Sign the Petition against school bus cancellation at TCDSB
Phase II of the St. Cyril School Ground Initiative is set to begin over the summer months thanks to the Live Green grant and help funding from the CSPC which will help cover the costs of asphalt removal. We are excited to see the tranformation of the schoolyard come September. 
If you would like to find out more  would like to help, please contact: Siobhan, Sdonaghy@rogers.com or Susan at slerch1004@yahoo.ca

Have an idea or skill?
CSPC is made up of a group of parent/guardians working working with the community, teachers and school to oversee . We recognize that not everyone can commit to sitting on the council but there are other ways to help. If you have a special skill (e.g, web design, grant writing, fundraising, etc..) or have an idea for the school, we are interested in hearing from you. All parent/guardians are welcome in participating in CSPC activities/decision making, not just the ones who sit on the committee.
For more information, please  CSPC council  (cspc.stcyril@tcdsb.org) 
Special Thanks/Farewell
And Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank  Ms. Leone, the teachers, caretakers, parents, guardians and the students for making the St. Cyril Community a great one. We also wish all the graduating students and parents leaving  St. Cyril the best of luck for the coming year. We at CSPC want to give special thanks to two long standing CSPC members whose children are moving on: CSPC Secretary  Daniela Kwiatkowsk and CSPC member Michelle Oliveira .  It has been a pleasure working with the both of you and we thank  you for your hard work and dedication to the school. You will be missed.

On that note,  we wish everyone a safe and fun-filled summer vacation and look forward to seeing you in September!!!

2015-16 CSPC Members
C hair: Philip Doyle 
Vice Chair: Raphael Leong
Treasurer:  Shirley Kmecz
Secretary: Daniela Kwiatkowski

Other Members:
Elvira Boyle, Michael Brunetti, Katiana Canada-Jovel, Joshua Canning, Patricia Cornejo Avellaneda, Strati Georgopoulos, Leonardo Hunting, Shirely Kmecz, Daniela Kwiatkowski, Susan Lerch, Michelle Oliveira, Linda Poirier, Jana Seymour, Magda Szmelter, Tersita Teano and Amy Todd.
Please visit the CSPC website!!
We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If there is anything you feel is missing and/or you would like to see added, Please contact: michelle@marketingyourbusiness.ca


2015-2016 St. Cyril CSPC