Meet Faith Metzinger of Kenoza Lake, NY
Making a Donor Difference in All That She Does!

In 2010, a Fedex urgent letter arrived at my door. It was the evening of our oldest daughter's college graduation and my house was already bustling with excitement. Early in the evening, I called the number in the letter. I didn't think I would reach anyone late in the day, but I did. She was a wonderful, compassionate woman and understood my over-the-top joy at learning I was a match. She told me the transplant was for a three-year-old boy with leukemia. I had been the owner of a day-care venture for over 20 years at this point. I had had three-year-olds in my care running through my home everyday. This child's situation really hit me even more.  Immediately, I said "Yes".
The next one to two weeks were consumed with paperwork, three to four visits to the lab, a psychological interview and a medical check-up. All of these were completed and I was ready to go in just 40 days from when the letter came.  

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Guide to Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant is set to go to print this month. 
Our new book, Guide to Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant: What to Expect and How to Move Forward will soon be available for patients and caregivers. This updated resource, originally our Survivors' Guide for Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant: What to Expect and How to Get Through It will provide much needed guidance and support through the bone marrow and stem cell transplant journey before, during and after transplant. This title, updated by Keren Stronach, complements our ongoing commitment to bone marrow and stem cell transplant patients, their caregivers and families. Look for our new title soon. You can contact the nbmtLINK office at 800-546-5268 or email Visit  

Doctors at the University of Michigan want to learn from you! 
  About what?
  About what parents and caregivers tell their children with cancer about their illness, and         why. The doctors hope what they learn will help other people in the future. 
  How can you help?
  You can take a 25- to 30-minute research survey. Your answers will be completely anonymous   and cannot be linked to you or your child.
  Who can take part?
  You can if .... 
    * you are the person who provides the most of child's medical and daily care.
    * you are at least 18 years old, and can read and understand English.
    * your child is over 3 and under 18 years old.
    * your child is either in active treatment (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biologic                 response modifiers), or completed treatment less than 365 days ago.
  How can you learn more about the study? 
  Click the link below (or copy and paste into any web browser) to read more, and then to         take the survey if you wish to.  Click here for Survey!
  Who are the researchers? 
  Greg Yanik, M.D. (Primary Investigator), Rajen Mody, M.D., Kris Kullgren, Ph.D., Flora Hoodin,   Ph.D., Michelle Byrd, Ph.D., Rachel Kentor, M.S., Lauren Ostarello, M.S., 
  Casiana Warfield, B.S.
  University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
  HUM 00115509

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How do You Celebrate Your Transplant Anniversary?
  Transplant survivors celebrate two birthdays each year, the day they were born and the day of their transplant. 

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