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July 3rd, 2019
Happy Fourth of July!
The staff at VIM would like to wish all of our volunteers, supporters and donors a  Happy 4th of July !
VIM's 2019 "Stay at Home" Gala
Appreciation Reception
Thank you to all of the donors that attended last week's Gala Appreciation Reception ! It was a wonderful night of celebration. A link to the Sponsor Video is below. We hope you enjoy the photos from our June 14th "Stay at Home" Gala as much as we did! Thank you again to all sponsors and donors for supporting the event. Your commitment to keeping our neighbors in need healthy, well and working is truly commendable.
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We're Hiring
Welcome to Our New Students
Jillian Korgeski is a Physician Assistant student from King's College. She spent time at the clinic this week observing Dr. Frances Feudale , VIM's Medical Director. Upon completion of her program, Jillian would like to work in a family practice or a neurology department .
Noah Coleman is a recent high school graduate that will be attending Ursinus College in the Fall. Throughout the summer, he will be volunteering at the clinic every Tuesday. He chose to volunteer at VIM to gain medical experience while in school. Noah is interested in going to medical school and would like to practice in orthopedic surgery .
Congratulations to Brittany Kittle , a former intern, on the birth of her son Zaidyn ! The staff and volunteers enjoyed meeting the newest member of her family!
Don’t Get Burned!
By Meghan Dixon, Wilkes University PharmD Candidate
Despite all the cloudy days and rainy weather we've had, summer has finally arrived . Summer days include many outdoor activities like gardening, swimming, sporting events and vacationing at the beach. We should remind our patients to stay protected from the sun when spending time outside, especially patients who are on medications that may cause extra photo-sensitivity. These medications include:

Benzoyl Peroxide ● Carbamazepine ● Coal Tar ● Isotretinoin ● Sulfonamides (i.e. Bactrim) ● Tetracyclines ● Tazarotene ● Tretinoin

There are different types of UV rays from the sun that affect our skin in different ways. UVA rays account for most of the radiation that reaches Earth’s surface. These rays play a role in tanning, skin aging and wrinkling. They also contribute to the development of skin cancer . When patients are on one of the medications listed above, their sensitivity to UVA rays is affected. UVB rays do not reach the earth as much as UVA rays, but they are more intense. UVB rays cause skin redness and sunburns . UVB rays play a major role in the development of skin cancer. Broad spectrum sunscreens that protect us from both UVA and UVB rays are most recommended.

Consider using sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or 30 . Higher SPFs have no added benefit. Look for broad spectrum coverage sunscreens with the “Seal of Approval”. Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before exposure to the sun and reapplied every two hours or right after swimming or excessive sweating.

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Save the Date
Upcoming Educational Community In-Services
Learning about other Luzerne County  community agencies in order to refer patients  is one of the many ways that VIM provides case management services. All in-services are from  9:00 am to 10:00 am  and are held at the clinic. If you would like to join us for the next presentation, please  RSVP to April  at  or 570-970-2864.
 Tuesday, July 16th
National Alliance on Mental Illness
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