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Show Me Your Stethoscope Newsletter   
What is Show Me Your Stethoscope?

Show Me Your Stethoscope, or SMYS, was founded almost completely by accident. A couple of ill-informed comments were proffered by television personalities (who shall remain nameless); they mocked a monologue delivered by a beauty contestant who spoke of her love of nursing.

They asked, in their ignorance: “why is she wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?”

Outrage. Boycotts. Stethoscopes. Community. ‘Scopes ain’t just for doctors, folks.

This raised the ire of health care workers globally, and ignited a social media firestorm. One nurse, Janie Harvey Garner, started a Facebook group on a lark, daring non-doctors to wield their stethoscope publicly and proudly. (For the record: we regard physicians highly as well, and more than a few joined in on the fun.) As the group gathered members, pictures and steam, members began to speak of a vision of united health care workers making large-scale changes—safer staffing, safer work environments, improved professional advocacy, public education and personal and professional support for our members. We are now a Non-profit 501(c)3 with nearly 700,000 members!

Advocacy: SMYS For Change
SMYS for Change is a Breakout Advocacy Group from the SMYS Non-profit Foundation 
Nurses take DC:
Safe Staffing Rally 
Join Us in DC or your State Capital on 5/12

The Safe Staffing Rally being held on May 12 is to support 2 bills that will set federal standards for safe nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in acute care hospitals. This will set a maximum number of patients for which nurses would be allowed to care during a given shift. To support this Issue, we are having a Twitter Party! A twitter party is when group members generate thousands of tweets with their hashtag to gain support an awareness for their issue. 

It's a Party- and YOU are invited! 

TWITTER PARTY to support Safe Staffing
8am 3/26 - 8am 3/27
Use #NursesTakeDC and #SMYSOfficial to get the word out.   More details HERE
Click image above for more info
Tshirts for Change
To show unity, and to help defray costs of the event, we’ve put together this most excellent, most comfy shirt  . ONLY AVAILABLE TO ORDER FOR 3 MORE DAYS!!
SMYS has 2 Medical Mission Trips planned for this fall. We are fundraising and working on scholarships to defray the costs for members going on these trips. Space is limited to 12 members on each trip! Open to Students! Apply  NOW ! Click on the images below for more info.  
Haiti Trip:  10/8/2016-10/16/2016:

Open to all healthcare specialties!
This is going to be an amazing trip! If you are a Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, CNA or Student Nurse who wants to join us please go to  - create your profile, search jobs in Miami and send a message to Connie that you'd like to go!

We are also accepting non-nursing applicants! EMTs, Paramedics, etc- Message Connie at for more info.
SMYS  is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Money raised will go towards website costs and scholarships.
Want to get more involved with SMYS?
Great!!! We are always looking for passionate members to help with social media, campaigns, and a variety of other activities!
Bangladesh Trip 9/13/16-9/21/16

Update from Janie:

I am amazingly excited! I got to speak to Dr Kislu Kabir today.  We have started to hammer out details for the trip, and so far we have talked about the following:

  • He wants 12-20 people and students are welcome.
  • Our main mission in Bangladesh will be education.  Nursing is quite primitive in this country, and their “Minister of Health” (Not the real title, it is essentially the equivalent of our surgeon general) is interested in expanding nursing practice and education.  This is a wonderful opportunity to improve healthcare globally. Documentation is one of the topics we will teach, as well as some infection control concerns, and hands-on nursing skills.  Specifics are forthcoming.
  • The Bangladeshi Government has contracted with the local police force to escort us from the hospital to our lodgings and back.  They want to make sure we aren’t subject to pickpocketing or the like.
  • Dr Kabir agrees that All nurses are welcome, and nurse educators are ESPECIALLY welcome.  If you are an educator and feel like a mission trip is not in your future, this one is specifically perfect for you!
  • We are building an ongoing connection with this region.  This is our first trip. 

Have you made your profile on HireNurses yet? Don’t assume you cannot afford it.  We feel like we will get quite a bit of support, and we want the very best nurses for the people of Bangladesh.

Bangledesh Mission Trip Info

Scholarship and professional development
S how Me Your Stethoscope and are offering
2 $500 Scholarships to Nursing Students one for brand new nurses entering the profession – and another for Nurses who have decided to return to
school and continue in their education. 

The nursing scholarship can be used in any way to support you while in nursing school, from books, to rent, to tuition, to childcare, etc– our nursing scholarship will be awarded directly to the nursing student to use at their discretion.

  To apply: 

1. create your profile on,

2. Like Show Me Your Stethoscope Facebook Page,               

3.Email your essay to:

Announcing Walden University's Partnership with SMYS!!!

Walden University is pleased to partner with Show Me Your Stethoscope to meet the professional development needs of its members. Walden is committed to helping working adults continue their education so they can make even greater contributions in their organizations.

As a part of that commitment, we have extended a 10% tuition reduction for the life of the program to all SMYS members who enroll in any Walden bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree program in 2016. Additional quarterly grants and scholarships are available for nurses!

With more than  80 online degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, Walden can help members develop the skills they need to grow in their roles and help the organization thrive. In fact, of the employers who responded to a 2013 survey, 72% told us that Walden graduates’ leadership skills have improved since attending Walden while 77% agreed that application of professional knowledge improved.†

If you have any questions regarding this partnership and its benefits contact Alley Staffier at (508) 340-6264 or click here.       

 More Info

  ak esso Professional Footwear & SMYS Partnership!
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  SMYS is thrilled to announce a collaboration with akesso professional footwear.

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akesso, a Massachusetts based company, designs and manufactures specialized footwear for healthcare professionals who we call the “athlete in scrubs.” akesso shoes provide comfort for those on their feet all day and safety for those who work where slips, trips, falls and contamination are daily hazards. Akesso shoes blend function and fashion.

For more information visit akesso at

Notes from the Admin Corner

Re-admitting Members Booted for Spam hacks

Many members were autobooted because of their facebook accounts were hacked by ClickBait & SPAM. Members can apply to rejoin once they've secured their Facebook accounts.  PM one of our Admin Crew for more info.

For a complete list of SMYS Announcements and more information Click Here

Complete SMYS Rules Posted Here

Janie's Latest Blog and other news
Check Out this Amazing Post From One of Our Members
This is my daughter, she is a RN.
By Jill K. Payne O'Connor

"Well, It's high grade cancer with cardiac involvement. The oncologist will come by at some point. Best of luck to you all."

Many times since the moment that changed our world forever I have wondered if that Nurse practitioner ever thought twice about leaving me standing there with my dad and step mother, all alone and surrounded by the rubble of their shattered plans and unanswered questions. 

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  New Members Welcome!! 

Do you have nurse or other healthcare friends that you can vouch for & who would like to join SMYS? Please PM Phillip with their details, email, & shortcut to their facebook page. 

  On a Sad Note...

Sweet Delaney who battled bravely against cancer passed away this week. You may remember her dream of meeting Taylor Swift. A wonderful effort by SMYS on social media helped to make that happen. Delaney got to meet her Hero! Sending prayers to her family and friends as they go through this difficult time.  Delaney Article
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   SMYS Custom Cups from 
Giggles and Wiggles 4 You
Custom SMYS Coffee Cups Update- about half of the first order has been shipped already! You can still order! Cups are $8.50, SMYS will receive $1.50 back for each cup to support operational costs (servers, website costs). Any extra funds will go to scholarships. 
Total Compression Solutions
 Total Compression Solutions has partnered with SMYS to give us a fantastic deal on Ellipsis Pro compression socks! Regular price $39, with code SMYS they are $24.50/pair. TCS will also donate $3 for each pair to SMYS charitable funds.
Use Promo Code: SMYS
SMYS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and our charitable fund has been used for programs such as Nebulizers for Bangledesh, Formula for Flint, and other Causes.