A Note from Ilana
"The Human Touch"
The holidays are upon us, both Christmas and Chanukah. Although these two traditions are celebrated differently, they both represent an important part of building a strong bond between family and community. This gives us a sense of belonging and unity. It's also during the holiday season that I find it especially important to recognize the need to reach out and understand how we touch those in our life and in society. Compassion and kindness for one another are vital. Treating people with respect and making them feel appreciated helps to keep a healthy culture. The second important link for showing humanity is our own inner values which induces wellness. Allowing ourselves to listen, understand and "touch" opens the door. There's no magical healing force in the human touch, but it actually can be comforting and soothing, and put us in a better positive state when we are feeling badly or in physical or emotional distress. There is a healing power of touch. Hugs can make you happier. Oxytocin is a chemical in our bodies that scientists sometimes call the “cuddle hormone.” This is because its levels rise when we hug, touch, or sit close to someone.
"Listen Linda" - FSA Board Chair-Woman
Linda Higgs
Director of Spa & Fitness, The Spa at Auberge Beach

"Emotional Eating"
We’ve all been there, that moment when you are driving home from work, red tail lights glaring, heading to the gym, the park or yoga studio, yet it's raining, dark, maybe cold and all you can think about is crawling up on the couch with a pair of comfy socks. That pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie or that "Wagyu" provolone burger with lettuce tomato, pickles and mayo on the side are seductively calling your name. You bounce the idea back and forth from what you know you should do, to what you know you want to do. Slowly your willpower starts to slip and you think about the pressures, stress and emotions of the upcoming holidays and you long to be comforted with food. 

Spa Juice

Congratulations to our Movers & Shakers!
Our extraordinary Spa Industry is continuously evolving through innovation and transformation.
Highly appreciated professionals in the Spa community take on new challenges and positions
as they start a new venture in their career.

David Erlich- GM Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences
Congrats to David for joining the Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences as the new General Manager. Prior to this position, David served as Corporate Director of Spa, Fitness & Tennis for Sandals Resorts in Montego Bay, Jamaica for 2 years. Prior to working at Sandals David was the Executive Assistant Manager at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Anguilla from 2011 to 2013. David also worked at the Fairmont at Sonoma Mission Inn as Regional Group Spa Director in Western US and Hawaii for 7 years and was Executive Director of Spa and Retail Ops at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, Hawaii . With such an extensive background in the spa industry David is sure to exceed all expectations in his new role as GM at the Amrit Ocean Resort and Residences. Cheers and best wishes, David!

Danny Silva, Director of Spa & Salon, Amrit Ocean Resorts & Residences
After 17 years of experience in the luxury hotel/resort spa, wellness and fitness industry, Danny has accepted the position as the new Spa Director of Spa & Salon at the Amrit Ocean Resorts & Residences. His career began at Equinox Fitness Clubs as Senior Spa Manager. He then served as Executive Director at the popular Glen Ivy Hot Springs in California. After serving as pre-opening Director for Diamante Resort & Residences in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, he was named Regional Director of Wellness for Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, where he supported ten different Sense Spas around the world. With such deep understanding in creating 5-star luxury guest experiences that deliver memorable experiences, Danny is sure to be an asset at his new home. Congratulations, well done Danny!
Christopher Kuever - Account Executive -
Silhouette-Ton e, Florida
Kudos to Christopher for his new role as Account Executive at Silhouet-Tone. A highly-organized senior account executive, Christopher has taken this next step with his new team at Silhouet-Tone. Previously Christopher was the Business Development Manager for Circadia by Dr. Pugliese for nearly 4 years. Christopher brings 5 years of outside sales experience along with 15 years experience in the Esthetics Industry with a proven track record of exceeding sales expectations. Christopher has received steady recognition as a top performer in his field as a detail-oriented and industrious professional with excellent management skills.
Way to go Christopher!

Spa Spotlight
Ashley Spurlock, Director of Spa & Fitness, Heavenly Spa at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort    
A charismatic result-oriented hospitality executive with a passion for sales, marketing and retail buying in the hotel and resort spa environment is what defines Ashley, the Director of Spa and Fitness for Heavenly Spa at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. Ashley has worked at Heavenly Spa since 2016 and continues to lead her Spa Team to maintain professional development and growth. Ashley has helped to develop and manage new resort programming to enhance the Westin Guest Experience, making it a "wow" factor by improving operations and employee satisfaction while increasing revenue growth and profitability.

Vendor Highlight
At Minerva Beauty, their passion comes from helping people create successful businesses by providing quality salon and spa equipment at an attainable price. They pride themselves on having original, stylish, functional, and comfortable equipment designed with you and your clients in mind.
Their dedicated customer success team is available whether you’re buying a simple blow dryer or outfitting an entire salon, you’ll receive the same level of service.

They are proud of their large on-hand inventory and ability to ship most orders same-day. With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse space right next to their showroom, you can even pick up your equipment if you’d like, dependent on inventory availability and time of day order is placed.

Upcoming Events
FSA Margaritaville Orlando on February 4, 2020

Life’s a journey...measured in experience, which is where you can find a little piece of paradise when you join us for the first FSA happening in 2020 on Feb 4th at Margaritaville Orlando Resort!! 
This is where luxury and heart-pounding fun meet when the FSA presents a Margaritaville-inspired event that will delight through networking and education. Over the course of your day, you’ll find we reach beyond your expectations to make this event a truly memorable experience.

Past Event
FSA Mix & Mingle Holiday Event at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort   November 20, 2019
For the second year in a row the FSA Holiday Mix & Mingle Event was celebrated at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Once again it was nothing short of awe-inspiring and memorable. All guests were invited for complimentary Thermal Experiences in Carillon’s lavish spa which features an array of wellness and tranquil amenities. After a day of relaxation and pampering everyone gathered to sip wines & champagne and enjoy delectable healthy bites, amidst outstanding weather and overlooking a breathtaking view of the ocean. Prestigious vendors presented innovative brands and networked with spa guests throughout the evening. The atmosphere was magical for our spa community.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to Tammy Pahel, Carillon Miami GM & Spa VP, for uniting with the FSA to welcome in the holiday season.

Wellness Feature
Emotional Wellness During the Holidays

The holidays are great, aren’t they? They’re also exciting and fun, right? Sure, they’re stressful, expensive and busy, too . . . and can be nostalgic and a little sad, especially when we think of those who aren’t alive anymore, or who live far away, or have fallen out of our lives. Maybe we’re feeling a little isolated, or alone, and all this happiness around us is just making us more miserable.

Perhaps the best adjective for this season is “complicated.”
For many people it’s a time of joy and happiness, but for others, sadness, depression and sorrow. Add to this potent mix the stress of running around, shopping, cooking, parties and fiscal constraints, and we have the makings of a poignant spicy holiday chili and the accompanying emotional heartburn.

The Power of CBD
One Of The Largest Pharma Companies In The World Has Made A Big Move In Cannabis
According to information procured exclusively ahead of a formal announcement, a subsidiary of NYSE-traded giant Teva Pharmaceuticals has signed a deal with medical cannabis company Canndoc to distribute its GMP products to pharma customers, including hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and all pharmacies in Israel.
It should be noted that, almost by any measure, from market cap to revenue , Teva is one of the largest pharma companies in the world, and considered to be the biggest generic drug manufacturer i n the globe. Needless to say, this is a big deal.
The Grass is Greener.....

Ocean Plastics Pollution

A Global Tragedy for Our Oceans and Sea Life

 Plastic accumulating in our oceans and on our beaches has become a global crisis. Billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences that make up about 40 percent of the world's ocean surfaces. At current rates plastic is expected to outweigh all the fish in the sea by 2050.
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FSA Foodie
Brussels Sprouts with Pickled Shallots and Hazelnuts
Fresh thyme and toasted hazelnuts come together for a side dish that's as texture-filled and vibrant as it is delicious. It's the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table.