A Note from Ilana
Relief for the Bahamas
"It's by giving that we receive" …those were my opening words last month and is the focus of our featured speaker at our upcoming FSA event at the Faena, Tierra Santa Healing House Spa in Miami Beach this Thursday on September 19th. As we prepare to gather and celebrate our fall event, we find the need to coordinate and provide support to lend a hand to our neighbors in the Bahamas. In light of Hurricane Dorian that skirted the shore lines of Florida shortly after devastating the Bahamas we can't ignore the effects this storm had on our sister territory. We appreciate the threat of hurricanes and the loss that it can cause a nd that's why we are on a humanitarian relief track, which will be held during our event at the Faena.

In the midst of crisis, when the most vulnerable lack access to basic needs such as food, shelter, and health care, this is when we need to contribute whatever we can to bring aid and relief to those in times of need. The goal is to sooth people that are suffering and help in maintaining human dignity. This is our responsibility, to be conscious of the circumstances of other people's lives and help them on the basis of need. 
"Listen Linda" - From our FSA Board Chairman
Linda offers insight and wise options into
health and wellness!

Linda Higgs
Director of Spa & Fitness, The Spa at Auberge Beach
Florida Spa Association Board Chair

Connecting with our Natural World
Whether you live near the blue ocean, tall mountains, arid desert or the green forest, research shows that connecting with nature has a profound effect on our mind. The practice of grounding, earthing, forest bathing and soaking, are natural ways to connect us as humans, directly with a living source of nature. The wind, colors, sounds, and scents all trigger the senses. The benefits of less stress, relaxation, and awareness suddenly becomes palpable.

Spa Juice

Congratulations to our Movers, Shakers &
Decision Makers!
Our extraordinary Spa Industry is continuously evolving through innovation and transformation.
Highly appreciated professionals in the Spa community take on new challenges and positions as they start a new venture in their career.

Meet Spa Award Winners this month!
Caitlin Arpin
  Director of Spa
Gaylord Palms Resort
Tina Crawford
Executive Spa Director
The Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes
Laura Martinez
Director of Spa
Four Seasons Hotel, Surf Club
Miami Beach
Tammy Pahel
GM & VP of Spa Operations
Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
Miami Beach
Kristi Konieczny
The Spa Buzz
Dawn MacLellan
Director of Spa & Salon
St. Andrews Country Club
Boca Raton
Delia McLinden
Co-Founder and VP of
Sales & Business Development
FarmHouse Fresh
Winners & Finalists of American Spa's 2019 Women in Wellness Awards
Congratulations to all the winners and finalists of American Spa’s Women in Wellness Awards.

Spa Spotlight
Tammy Pahe l
GM & VP of Spa Operations, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
Founder, Spa Management Solutions

Winner of Spa Director of the Year Award by American Spa's Women in Wellness, Tammy Pahel has proven to be ahead of the curve as an unsurpassed leader with extraordinary skill and ingenuity for building thriving businesses. With instinctive talent for developing world-class spas and wellness facilities, Tammy began her career in 1989 as executive director at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, PA. She also led spa operations at th e Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix, The Spa at Caesar’s Palace , Las Vegas and Montgomery, TX. In 1999, Tammy founded Spa Management Solutions (SMS), a spa consulting and management company.

Vendor Highlight

For over 30 years, the Valmont Group has been helping women and men master the visible signs of aging. Heir to traditional Swiss medicine, the company draws from the unspoiled natural resources of Switzerland and the latest cellular cosmetic research findings to formulate the utmost in anti-aging skin care products featuring visible and long-lasting efficacy.

The group has surrounded itself with the best experts to create extraordinary product ranges, all subtly combining refinement and anti-age efficacy… to enhance the beauty of women and men.
1905: Built in 1905 in an exceptional and intimate environment above Montreux and Lake Geneva, the Valmont Clinic was the first to offer dietary follow-up and hydrotherapy sessions. Famous people came here from all over the world to rest and enjoy tailored treatments and personal care: Ingrid Bergman, Coco Chanel, Charlie Chaplin…

From the clinical environment to cosmetics: In the 1980’Valmont innovated by becoming the first Swiss clinic entirely dedicated to plastic surgery. While continuing to cater to prestigious guests, the management began entertaining the concept of offering an exclusive range of skin care products capable of prolonging the benefits of plastic surgery. Building on their clinical expertise, distinguished cosmetologists selected the most active molecules for skin regeneration – such as HP DNA and native collagen, marking the birth of Valmont cellular cosmetics. This concept was an immediate success.

Upcoming Events
An event you wont to miss!!
This Thursday
on September 19th
at Tierra Santa Healing House
#1 Hot Spot of Miami Beach
South American inspired spa built on healing techniques creates a unique combination in a modern spa.

Join us where the ultimate experience awaits you &
Top Spa Leaders and Prominent Vendors connect and share!

Relief for the Bahamas
Lend a hand in our humanitarian relief track for the Bahamas!

When you give....you get!!!

Relief drive for the Bahamas!
Support our neighbors in the Bahamas by donating
supplies desperately needed. 
This drive will take place in partnership with the Faena at the
FSA event & shipped to the Islands.
Please join us to help our sister territory!
Event registration will go toward this Relief mission.
Wellness Feature
Self care is a lifeline for many women—
but it’s not enough
Take a five-minute scroll through your Instagram feed, and you’re bound to find snapshots of women’s toes peeking out from their bathwater, selfies modeling their latest face mask purchase, or a mini-altar decked out with enchanted crystals, candles, and incense—each image stamped with the #selfcare hashtag that’s been used over 18 million times and counting.
The term “self care,” defined as taking care of one’s own health and needs hit a five-year high of Google search interest in November 2016 after the presidential election, and has been steadily climbing ever since. But the phenomenon has roots in something bigger than just one election.

Industry News
ACCA – 4 Key Reasons to Include Stories…
Whether you're telling a story around a campfire for entertainment or using a story to sell a product there are four key reasons you should use them in your marketing mix. Attention, Connection, Credibility, and Action. They build a bridge between your offer and your reader like nothing else can.

The Grass is Greener
An Avalanche of Platforms for Recycling, Reselling & Renting Fashion
We live in a make-buy-trash fashion culture: Eighty-three percent of our clothes/shoes get chucked in the garbage. And in 2018, there were reports about fashion’s nasty secret: Brands incinerate/shred unsold stock to protect their halo of exclusivity. For instance, Burberry acknowledged it destroyed $36 million worth of unsold clothes/accessories in 2017!

The Power of CBD

Is CBD Really the Marijuana Molecule That Cures All?
Wonder drug or modern-day snake oil? Appearing in stores and online in the form of body lotions, capsules, tinctures , edible gummies and bottled water , CBD has exploded in popularity as a way to reap the supposed health benefits of marijuana without the high that comes with it. All this is in spite of the paucity of evidence of its merits so far.

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FSA Foodie
Zesty Kale and Sweet Potato Bowl
This loaded veggie bowl gets a touch of smoke from the chili-spiced sweet potatoes and roasted bell pepper and plenty of zing from fresh lime. Chili powder and lime also give toasted almonds an addictive crust; make extra and enjoy as a snack. Cotija cheese has a dry, crumbly texture—it won’t melt or disappear into the bowl. Use it to top tacos, stir into whole-grain salads, or top roasted broccoli.