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Pointing the way!!

For the shortest month of the year, February is surely CHOCK-FULL of holidays, raising awareness and notable observances! On “Valentine’s Day” love and romance fills the air during this month which also includes Heart Health Awareness, Black History and Presidents Day in which we tap into our health and humanity to observe and honor. However, as we live life every day, without disregarding the joy and importance of celebrations and remembrance, our main focus remains dedicated to advocating wellness practices through education. Education is our roadmap and we commit to "pointing the way"!  
Knowledge, regarding our daily lives and the world around us, is the key to well-being and enlightenment. This helps us build opinions, have a point of view on things in life and living in balance. 

Spa Juice

Congratulations to our Movers, Shakers &
Decision Makers!
Our extraordinary Spa Industry is continuously evolving through innovation and transformation.
Highly appreciated professionals in the Spa community are taking on new challenges and positions as they start a new venture in their career.

It's never too late to announce an Award Winner…….
Joanne Berry
Founder, The Wellness Education Hub

A shout out for Joanne who was named and awarded  Educator & Trainer Winner of American Spa's 2018 Women in Wellness Awards this past September. An educator and trainer, this award honored a woman who is making a difference in education and sharing her knowledge of industry topics, products, equipment, and more. Congratulations to an exceptional contributor to the spa space as well as a highly respected and admired professional by many. Best wishes Joanne!

Spa Spotlight
Elizabeth (Liz) Correa ,
Spa Supervisor,
Relache Spa at The Gaylord Palms Resort & Spa

Liz has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry with a degree in Hospitality Management. She began her career with Marriott in 2013 joining the food and beverage team and shortly after the front office team helping train new team members. 
Liz is also a Committee Member of the Florida Spa Association. She serves on the events committee and the FSA is proud to have her on board and values her contribution and dedication to the organization.

Vendor Highlight

How does the Gharieni Group do it?

When designing a spa, there is always great attention to the decor, flow and feel of the space and equipment is generally regarded as functional equipment. Gharieni upends this approach to fully integrate its extensive collection of equipment to the actual design process since it offers custom finishes and upholstery for all its beds and furnishings. So when planning a new space or the renovation of an existing one, make sure to include equipment in the initial planning and below are some recommendations to make that seamless and efficient.
Wellness Feature
Redefining Beauty Sleep
If you skim through any of the glossies or browse beauty websites, chances are you’ll find an article or two on “beauty sleep.” The reason? All-nighter-induced puffy, bloodshot eyes, dark circles and lackluster skin provide a good reason to reach for the arsenal of serums, lotions and potions that serve as a quick fix. But by focusing on sleep’s role on “beauty,” this information dismisses the critical role that sleep plays on the function of our largest organ — the skin.
Industry News
Hero Ingredient
Sève Bleue from the Ocean

Everyone loves a hero, right? A feel-good story, that sends shivers up your spine, is nothing short of amazing. Heroes come in all forms…..military, first responders, fictional characters, pets, a parent and yes, even a skin care ingredient.
Attention Miami Spas - Operating License
& Tax Information
The City of Miami Beach requires a Business Tax Receipt for ALL therapists –
massage, esthetician, and nails.
The County (Miami-Dade) requires this ONLY for massage therapists.  

Past Events

FSA "Love Spa Wine 2019" Event - Orlando - January 22, 2019
We were very excited to say “Cheers” as we set the New Year in motion…..literally, at the Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando. Celebrating the FSA’s 10th Anniversary we revisited lasts years venue at the innovative winery in Downtown Orlando, acknowledging our gratitude for our vendors partners and spa community that unite our Florida family! 

RE: FSA “Love Spa Wine 2019” Event at Quantum Leap Winery, Orlando
On Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 10:39 PM Kate Delgado < kate@isolabody.com > wrote:

Thank you so much for having me and putting on such an amazing event. I’ve been to sole big trade shows and nothing has come close to what you and your team do. Amazing! I would love to attend the event in May. Thanks agai n! 
Kate  Delgado

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