Note from Ilana
For the Love of Humility!

February is a welcomed month of holidays and remembrances such as Black History Month , Presidents Day , even World Nutella Day, but February is mostly regarded as the month of love,  Valentine's Day , remembering love and emphasizing the importance of the variety of loves that exist in our lives.

It's not unusual for us to fall short in recognizing that love and remorse are intimately related. You can't have one without the other, which is what makes love much more powerful. Although love is a short word it defines a large list of characteristics and meanings. Out of all the different kinds of love, there is one that is often unnoticed and needs to be expressed more often in all types of relationships. That trait is  humility . The action of being humble is the ability and value of letting go of one’s pride and downplaying one’s ego .
Listen Linda
Linda Higgs
Director of Spa & Fitness,
The Spa at Auberge Beach, Fort Lauderdale
Florida Spa Association Board Chair

Just in time for Valentine's
Those private intimate moments shared between two are often unspoken in terms of wellness. Let’s face it, it’s not a question your doctor or therapist will ask you. However, did you know that sensual moments instill a multitude of health benefits to you both psychologically and physically. Although our first reaction is to focus on the physical, we often take for granted the underlying factors that help keep our relationships healthy and vibrant. Connecting through our “sensual senses” is often unnoticed yet powerfully infiltrates our sub-conscious.

Spa Juice

Congratulations to our Movers & Shakers!
Our extraordinary Spa Industry is continuously evolving through innovation and transformation.
Highly appreciated professionals in the Spa community take on new challenges and positions
as they start a new venture in their career.

Damien Craft,
General Manager
Canyon Ranch, Woodside, CA
Beny Koe,
Spa Director,
Cheeca Lodge & Spa, Islamorada, FL
Susan Johnson
Spa Director, 
Bungalows Key Largo, Florida
Elizabeth (Liz) Correa,
Spa Manager,
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Spa, South Beach

Spa Spotlight
Kimberly DeOrsey
Spa & Wellness Operations Expert

Kimberly has recently entered into a new chapter in her life having enrolled into FSU's (Florida State University) Executive MBA education program majoring in Program Management. Previously Kim was the Director of Spa & Wellness at nSpa Marriott in Delray Beach. Kim is also a Florida Wellness Ambassador for the Global Wellness Day Movement.

Vendor Highlight
Mansfield International…
Taking enormous pride in "enhancing the guest experience"

Winning the 2019 American Spa Magazine award for Favorite Spa bathrobe Supplier’ as voted by over 10,000 spa professionals was confirmation that Mansfield Internationals quality and service are meeting this industry’s demanding needs.

Mansfield International, a family owned apparel business, has been producing quality bathrobes for nearly 5 decades, initially for the retail trade and more recently for the hospitality industry. Deep within the soul of this company is the tradition of producing quality product with exceptional service.

 Upcoming Events
FSA Seaside Elegance at the Seagate Hotel & Spa

Mark your calendars for the next FSA Event,
A Seaside Mexican Fiesta on May 5th , "Cinco De Mayo".
The FSA is planning for another creative & dynamic day to connect our
innovative vendor partners with our influential spa community, fusing it with
Mexican flare to celebrate "Cinco de Mayo" at the deluxe Seagate Hotel & Spa.  
It's a festive occasion to celebrate everything about Mexican culture
when we head on over to the streets in Delray Beach!
Past Events
FSA Margaritaville Orlando on February 4, 2020

Our Spa Community was transported to a vacation state of mind when we united for the FSA Margaritaville Orlando event! It was a one-of-a-kind experience escaping into the heart of the masterfully designed Margaritaville Resort and Spa to hold our first event of the year. 
It was a eye-opening day filled with connection, education and delectation ….
And it was Awesome!!
FSA Margaritaville Orlando Event - Testimonials & Reviews

Many thanks for a wonderful event on Tuesday. You host a top notch event---your passion, attention to detail and genuine caring and concern for each attendee was evident throughout. So happy that I had the opportunity to experience it and hope to do so again!
Barry McCaffrey Senior VP Spa Sales Naturopathica Holistic Health, Inc.

I wanted to thank you for an amazing venue!! You are rocking this industry in Florida and you deserve it!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!
Natalia Sotelo Int. Aesthetic Corp. Exclusive Importer of Germaine de Capuccini USA

Spa Industry News
A Guideline to an Hourly Spa Compensation Plan
By Suzanne Holbrook
Tipped Hourly Rate + % of Service Commission + Automatic Service Charge

Wellness Feature
5 wellness trends that will dominate in 2020

The wellness industry is booming, and there are no signs of it slowing down in 2020.

Consumers are turning to the industry to feel their best, both physically and mentally. While in 2019 we saw a surge of functional mushrooms , chickpea and cauliflower everything, gut healt h , and at-home workouts, in this new decade we have new trends to look forward to. Here’s what you can count on for wellness in 2020.

The Power of CBD
Can CBD Oil Help Balance the Immune System?

The immune system is one of the most important parts of the body. It’s the main defense against infections, diseases, and health issues. There are many factors that both positively and negatively affect the immune system. For example, not getting enough sleep, not eating well, and not getting enough physical activity can cause a drop in our immune function. If you want to ensure your immune system is functioning optimally, you’ll want to eat right, make sure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals, sleep deeply, and decrease your stress levels. There are many supplements that you can use to balance your body and boost your immune system, but there seems to be one that is leading the pack: CBD.
The Grass is Greener.....

Make America GRAZE Again!

It’s surprising how many messages I see admitting to the benefits well-managed cattle can have on the environment, yet still saying that eating red meat has a high carbon footprint. I’ve even seen people claim that grass-fed beef is WORSE than typical beef. Folks, please stop and use your common sense for a moment. Eating animals that consume grain is NOT a better environmental choice than eating an animal managed well on pasture. Grazing animals can convert food humans can’t eat (grass) on land we can’t farm (pasture) into incredibly nutrient-dense food (beef, lamb, bison, venison, etc.).
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Education is our priority!
"The Source" was created to be your platform for resources and up to date information
to stay ahead of the curve of everything happening in the spa industry!
FSA Foodie
Heart-Shaped Pizza with Bell Peppers
A healthy delicious Valentine's Day pizza to share with your sweetheart(s)!