Upcoming Events:

Spirit Week

October 11th-16th, 2021

Our studio has been busy over the last month and we have some very exciting events happening! Our annual Spirit Week is coming up and we are so excited to see what students come up with this year!

Students, Teachers, and Staff members who come dressed as the theme of the day during Spirit Week, will be entered into a raffle to win some cool prizes!

The more creative, unique, and crazy... the BETTER!

If you are a virtual student, be sure to send in your pictures to info@musicalsurprise.com and you will be entered to win prizes too!

Holiday Hoopla

December 11th, 2021

  • Student Performances
  • Pictures with SANTA!!
  • Goody bags & Treats
  • Retail Specials/Sales

**Students: Look out for sign-ups to perform on November 15th!**

Music in Motion:

Our students are rocking their lessons. We love to "pop-in" and check out all the fantastic art they are creating. Whether it's a new song, technique, or skill, our students are taking strides in mastering their instruments and having fun while doing so!

Our Finest:

Student of the Month: Ellie

Our student of the month for October is Ellie! Ellie is a voice student at Musical Surprise. She has been taking voice lessons for a few months, but has been a longtime member of the Musical Surprise family.

She was nominated by her teacher, Lexi because "Ellie is an incredible student to work with. Her work ethic is impeccable and her spunky personality is infectious. Ellie is the next Disney Princess and is meant to sing on any stage. She is never afraid to try new things and always gives 100%. Currently we are working on mastering solfege and introducing sight reading! She is soaring through each exercise and nailing each sight reading excerpt. I absolutely love lessons with Ellie and look forward to seeing her every week."

Way to go, Ellie! Keep up the great work!

Scott started playing guitar at the age of 11 and performed in his first band at the age of 14. Starting at a young age, he thrived with his instrument. He graduated from Musicians Institute (G.I.T.) in 1988.

Scott also gained experience by playing, recording, and touring with several bands around the world from 1989-2016. Bands like: Rip-n-Tear, The Edge, Crush Puppy, 11 Miles Down, Ghost 211.

Scott wanted to share his many talents with so many others, so he started teaching at Musical Surprise in Aug of 2016.

Scott is an essential part of our Musical Surprise family and his students are so lucky to have him!

Teacher Feature: Scott

Welcome to Musical Surprise!

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Is your Teacher FULL?

Chareeze - SOLD OUT

Scott - 3 spots on Monday

Laura B - SOLD OUT

Rachael - 3 spots on Tuesday and Thursday (Starting Nov. 1)

Glenn - 2 spots on Friday and Saturday


Harvey - 3 spots on Wednesday

Mila - 1 spot on Saturday

Donna - SOLD OUT

Albert - 2 spots on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Dan - 2 spots on Saturday

Justin - SOLD OUT

Lorena - 1 spot on Tuesday and Thursday

Zachary - 2 spots on Thursday and Friday


Todd - 1 spot on Monday

Luis - 1 spot on Monday and Tuesday

Laura M - 1 spot on Thursday

Lucas - 3 spots on Friday

Michael M - 1 spot on Thursday

Sidni - 2 spots on Friday

Georgia - 2 spots on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (virtual)

Allyn - SOLD OUT

Masato - 1 spot on Monday

Jan - 1 spot on Thursday and Friday

Michael W - 3 spots on Monday and Thursday

Mike W - 2 spots on Friday

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