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Emergency Oxygen Provider
Join us at the Cypress location for Emergency Oxygen Provider. We'll teach you in depth O2 procedures and handling emergency oxygen for divers.

This course includes books, certification fees and instructor. Total course instruction is about 2 hours.

October 9th - 6pm @ Cypress
Drysuit Diver!

As winter approaches, you'll see many folks transitioning from wetsuit diving to drysuit diving. In this class, we'll teach you the intricacies of buoyancy control, proper care and cleaning of your drysuit and proper techniques in donning and doffing. This is a two-dive specialty! Course includes all training materials, instructor fees, certification fees and drysuit rental if required!

October 10th, 2018 - 10.00am @ Laguna Beach
October 20th, 2018 - 7.30am @ Laguna Beach
October 28th, 2018 - 7.30am @ Laguna Beach

Project AWARE Specialty!

Join this "no dive required" specialty class that is built for ALL AGES! You will learn how Project AWARE unites divers and enthusiasts of the aquatic realm in making a difference. There will be discussions about aquatic issues, sustainability programs, coral reef challenges and your role in the environment.

October 11th, 2018 - 3pm @ Laguna Beach

Scuba Review - Refresher
Been a minute? Receiving emails and watching YouTube videos, but haven't been in the water in over a year? Prepping for a vacation? There's a ton of reasons to get back in the water! Why not do so with professional instruction by your side! This course covers all of the skills in the Open Water Program!

October 12th, 2018 - 9.00am @ Oceanside

PADI Freediver program
Join us for the PADI Freediver program! You'll learn techniques for breathholding, stretching and proper safety. Once the pool is complete, you'll head out to the ocean and challenge the depths freediving! Don't miss out on this excellent course!!!

October 13/14 - 10am @ Cypress (Open Water in Catalina!)
Equipment Specialist
Back by popular demand! Join us for two hours of instruction on the equipment specialist course. We'll teach you function of the equipment, common trouble-shooting as well as methods to keep your gear in top working order.

This course includes your e-learning, certification fees, and instruction. No scuba gear necessary for class.

October 16th - 6pm @ Cypress
Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response
Learn techniques in rescuing divers and swimmers in both pool and ocean settings. You'll be given lifeguard techniques in properly and efficiently rescuing individuals! This is a two-day course that involves both the Rescue Diver program and the CPR program (Emergency First Response).

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October 20/21 - 7.30am @ Laguna Beach
November 3/4 - 7.30am @ Laguna Beach
Gas Blender
Enjoy this extensive course as we teach you all things about blending gasses. You will learn gas handling procedures, safety around gasses and blending techniques. Once you have completed this course, you'll be qualified to blend gasses on the systems that you are trained on.

This course includes your e-learning, certification fees, and instruction. No scuba gear necessary for class.

October 21st - 8am @ Cypress
Side Mount Diver!
Enjoy a new method of scuba diving that doesn't require a tank strapped to your back! Learn the flexibility and streamlining of sidemount diving. Ideal of divers who are interested in lightening the load of entries and exits! If you are over 15 years old and a PADI Open Water Diver, you are eligible for this amazing class taught by one of our best instructors in the company! Thorough instruction, configuration reviews, care and cleaning; and much more!

October 23rd - 5pm @ Laguna Beach
Beach Cities Scuba Center