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The St Ives Artists
A Biography of Place and Time
St Ives is unique in the story of modern art in Britain - and perhaps anywhere in the world. No other small seaside town has been host to such a roll-call of major artists. First published by Lund Humphries in 2008, The St Ives Artists: A Biography of Place and Time combines in-depth research with 'startling anecdotal richness'. This beautifully produced new edition is fully revised and newly illustrated in color throughout. Michael Bird's groundbreaking study lifts 'St Ives' out of its niche and explores the many - often unexpected - connections between St Ives artists and wider currents in 20th-century British culture and society. At the same time it sets the careers of international artists such as Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson, Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon in the context of a local environment that held strong meanings for their work. The narrative highlights the interplay between modern art's large-scale ambitions and its rootedness in particular places and experiences. It ranges from the tense, idealistic years between the two world wars through the birth of the Welfare State and the Cold War, to the space race of the 1960s - all of which found echoes in artists' work. The artists themselves emerge as vivid personalities, as often embroiled in conflict as in any shared agenda. Do Alfred Wallis, Naum Gabo, Bernard Leach and Roger Hilton really have anything in common? The answers Michael Bird uncovers add up to a fascinating and highly readable account of the St Ives phenomenon.

Lund Humphries
Natalka Husar
Burden of Innocence
By  Natalka Husar, Illustrated by  Iryna Pasichnyk

Burden of Innocence is the project of a Canadian Ukrainian, the painter Natalka Husar, who has made a name for herself in her field in both Canada and abroad. Here Husar's visual work is presented with her own commentary on what she sees as the social ills and goods in contemporary Ukraine: the subject matter is post-Orange Revolution Ukraine and our continually shifting, always-problematic but utterly abiding relationship with our parents' homeland and the homeland of our imaginations. Burden of Innocence is a bridge between various worlds: Canada and Ukraine, painting and writing, and verbal and visual images.

Rodovid Press

Osaki Hachimangu
Architecture, Materiality, and Samurai Power
Osaki Hachimangu (1607), located in Sendai, Japan, is one of only a handful of surviving buildings from the Momoyama period (1568-1615). The shrine is a rare example of "lacquered architecture"-an architectural type characterized by a shiny, black coat made of refined tree sap and evocative of transitory splendor and cyclical renewal. The shrine's sponsor, the warlord Date Masamune, was one of the last independent feudal lords of his time and remains famous for dispatching diplomatic missions to Mexico, Spain, and Rome. Although his ambitions to become a ruler of Northern Japan were frustrated, his shrine stands as a lasting testament to the political struggles he faced, his global aspirations, and the cultural cloak by which he sought to advance these objectives.

Dietrich Reimer Verlag GMBH

City Dreamers
The Urban Imagination in Australia
"I became an urban historian because I believed that our cities deserved more of our curiosity and idealism." In City Dreamers Graeme Davison restores Australian cities, and those who created them, to their rightful place in the national imagination. Building on a lifetime's work, Davison views Australian history, from 1788 to the present day, through the eyes of city dreamers - such as Henry Lawson, Charles Bean and Hugh Stretton - and others who have helped make the cities we inhabit. Davison looks at significant individuals or groups that he calls snobs, slummers, pessimists, exodists, suburbans and anti-suburbans - and argues that there's a particular twist to the ways in which Australians think about cities. And the ways we live in them. This extraordinary book excavates the cultural history of the Australian city by focusing on 'dreamers', those who battle to make and re-make our cities. It reminds us that for most of us the city is home, and it is there that we find belonging.

University of New South Wales Press

Housing in the Evolving American Suburb
Shifting Suburbs: Reinventing Infrastructure for Compact Development- Suburban housing markets across the United States are evolving rapidly and overall remain well-positioned to maintain their relevance for the foreseeable future as preferred places to live and work, even as many urban cores and downtown neighborhoods continue to attract new residents and businesses. Suburban housing dynamics increasingly reflect some of the most profound issues shaping our society, including aging, immigration, economic mobility, and evolving consumer preferences. As a result, suburbs will generate substantial residential development and redevelopment opportunities- and challenges-in the years ahead. -Housing in the Evolving American Suburb- This title describes different kinds of suburbs based on the key factors that define and determine their housing markets. The report classifies and compares suburbs in the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S. and assesses the key issues that will shape suburban residential demand and development in the future. 

Urban Land Institute

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