October 2016

Fires are Nasty Business

Of the many types of farm dangers, I think fire is perhaps the most unpleasant. Damage is often severe, and the odor and charred remains usually linger for days or weeks. If animal or human life is lost, I imagine that to be a horrible way to die. Make sure that you and your employees are diligent regarding fire prevention.

Meet our new Credit Analyst

Name: Laura Lea Dixon


Where where you born?: Elizabethtown, KY


Pets: Jasper the dog, Domino the Horse


Hobbies: Crossfit before work, Hiking, Kayaking, Big Brothers Big Sisters, target practice, harvesting/freezing/canning vegetables, and currently planting fruit trees


Favorite food: All things chicken


What is a quality that I wish I had?: In general I don't wish for things.  If I want something, I take a class on how to get it or make a plan to get it.


Describe yourself in one word.: Motivated


Interesting fact: She plays the fiddle and mandolin.

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) Facts
Deadline Nears For New Antibiotic-Use Law 
If you don't know what the VFD is or what it means for your operation, don't feel bad. A favorite question of mine to producers I've visited with this past year is how the Veterinary Feed Directive will affect their businesses. There have been more than a few mumbled responses.

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Country Apple Dumplings

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