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“When you have something great, don’t you want to share it with somebody else?” said Fleske in a conversation with KACD.
Across Kansas, producers are taking note of the many great conservation practices in the state, but some are unsure where to start. Jed Fleske, owner of Fleske Farms and Elected Commissioner of Area II of the State Conservation Commission, is helping farmers discover effective programs to help improve soil health.
From his award-winning conservation work with Truterra, a Land O’Lakes company that helps farmers access targeted insights through technology, to his cover crop bus tour, Fleske is making a measurable impact.
Kansas Envirothon
The Kansas Envirothon is an outdoor, environmental high school competition where students learn and are tested on soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics, rangeland, a current issue and an oral presentation. Current issue for 2023 competition is "Adapting to a Changing Climate".

Regional Events
April 5 - Red Rock Guest Ranch, Jackson County
April 5 - Wilson Lake, Russell/Lincoln Counties
April 12 - White Memorial Camp, Council Grove
April 13 - Fairgrounds, Mound City

Kansas Envirothon (State Competition)
April 26 - Camp Wood, Elmdale, KS
Are you hosting a conservation or soil health event? If you would like to reserve the rainfall simulator demonstration trailer, please contact your local conservation district.

In addition to the rainfall simulator trailer, KACD provides other resources including, Soil Tunnel Trailer, Earth Baloon, Stream Bank Trailers, NPS Watershed Enviroscapes, Tabletop Rainfall Simulators, Slake Test Materials, Ground Water Flow Models. See a complete list of items.
Rainfall Simulator Trailer
Conservation Day
KACD recently had all of the educational resources at a conservation event at Boys & Girls Club of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.
Get Paid for Soil Health
KACD provides a variety of payment options for soil health improvement activities through private partnerships with ADM, USDA NRCS, NFWF, and NACD!

Producers have two participation options:
OPTION 1 ADM & NFWF: Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM), USDA NRCS and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) program. In 2022, Kansas producers from forty-five counties enrolled more than 100,000 acres. Goal for 2023 is 200,000 acres. 
  • $10 per acre of cover crop 
  • Additional payment options for implementing regenerative practices/activities of no-till or strip-till, live roots year round, fertilizer efficiency and carbon neutrality.
  • Single year contracts will continue to be available for producers.

OPTION 2 Eco-Harvest: General Mills and NACD have partnered to offer a carbon credit program (Kansas & Oklahoma). You will self-certify that you have made a practice change. A soil test in the first year will establish the baseline. A 30-minute interview after enrolling will also be required.
Requirements: Wheat must be in the rotation to qualify AND a 5-year commitment to implement practice change. Goal: 30,000 total acres in Kansas and Oklahoma
  • Guaranteed payment of $16/ton of carbon (using an estimate based on the practice change). $15.20/ton to the producer after administrative fee.
  • Field data recorded every year for each field enrolled in the program.
  • Implement a practice change prior to that year's crops. Practice changes options:
  • Utilize cover crop for the first time
  • Switch from conventional till to reduced or no-till
  • Change the nutrient plan

Updates from Kansas Division of Conservation (DOC)
How Do Local Districts Bring Conservation to You?
Kansas Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Conservation (DOC), is the administrator of the state cost-share programs. Some of the cost-share practices include: brush management, irrigation water management, pond sealing or lining, terrace, watering facility, water wells, contour buffer strips and more.

The goal of the cost-share administration is to improve and protect Kansas' water resources. DOC works with the local districts to prioritize and target financial assistance.
NRCS Updates:
Biden-Harris Administration Announces Availability of Inflation Reduction Act Funding for Climate-Smart Agriculture Nationwide
This additional funding will provide direct climate mitigation benefits and expand access to financial and technical assistance for producers to advance conservation on their farm, ranch or forest land.
Kansas NRCS Announces Additional Funding for EQIP and CSP through the Inflation Reduction Act
Jackie Byam, Acting State Conservationist, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), has announced additional funding available to Kansas producers and landowners through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). These funds will be contracted via the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), as well as the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) for the current fiscal year.

The application deadline for EQIP-IRA will be Friday, May 5, 2023.
The application deadline for CSP-IRA was Friday, March 24, 2023. Applications submitted by this date will be funded in order of ranking score.

>>April 12th : Time For A Turnout

>> April 14th : Farmer Friday (VIRTUAL)

>> April 29th-30th : Mother Earth News Fair

>> May 19th-21st : Four State Farm Show

>> June 13th-16th : 2023 Kansas Range Youth Camp

Kansas Soil Health Alliance provides a list of many of the soil health events. If you are hosting a soil health event, please submit it to Jennifer at Kansas Soil Health Alliance!
Thirty Local Workgroup Meetings were held throughout the State of Kansas in January, February, and March, with excellent participation occurring in the meetings again this year. Meeting discussions focused on relevant local resource concerns and opportunities to improve conservation delivery. The results of the local workgroup meetings will be provided to NRCS and the public by the end of May."
NASA's Involvement in Agriculture
NASA is actively recruiting farmers and ranchers to take part in their data collection!

At the 2022 Annual Convention for Kansas Association of Conservation Districts, NASA's Program Manager for Food Security and Agriculture Leadership, Bradley D. Doorn, PhD provided a presentation about NASA's involvement and focus on agriculture.

In August 2022, NASA Earth staffers and scientists took to the road of the "Space for Ag Roadshow and Listening Tour"
Brad would like for farmers or ranchers to become involved with NASA's connection of ground data and space data.

"We want to hear from farmers, from agriculture producers, what they need and then connect that to what data NASA can collect," stated Brad.

Brad would like for producers to reach out to him directly if they are interested in becoming involved.
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