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imPACt Speaker Spotlight - Daniel Menasce, Ph. D.

Daniel Menasce will, again, be presenting at CMG imPACt this year. His session will discuss "Performance Evaluation of Heterogeneous Multi-Queues with Job Replication." Daniel's paper evaluates job execution time statistics as a function of (1) the average job arrival rate from a Poisson process, (2) the distribution of job service times for each class, (3) the processing capacity of each server, (4) the job replication policy.

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Session #3  - Wed, Jun 21, 6:00 pm EDT 

Not sure what a hackathon is or why we’re doing one? We have one more session you can attend online! CMG imPACt Hackathon plans to bring together talented professionals to compete over 24 hours to develop creative solutions to tough problems related to performance.   Join us at webex last info sessions to learn more.

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Presentation of the A. A. Michelson Award is considered each year by the Computer Measurement Group for individuals who have made significant contributions to our profession. Albert Abraham Michelson, for whom the award is named, was known for his technical accomplishments in measuring the speed of light and for his role as teacher and inspiration to others. CMG presents this prestigious award at their International imPACt Conference to recognize and encourage the same combination of technical excellence and professional contribution found in only an exceptional few... [continue reading]

Any questions contact 2017 Michelson Award Nominations Chair, Denise Kalm at

Amplify Blog

by Madhu Tanikella

Of late, while trying to adapt to digital wallets for bill payments and online shopping, I came across promotional offers across newspapers, media and TV channels for one of the popular digital wallets in India. Thinking to get myself benefitted from those promotions, tried to open up their  Mobile App  and found it unresponsive with multiple error messages - it could not even properly display the balance in my wallet... [continue reading]
by  Dr. Daniel A. Menasce

"My first CMG conference was in 1981 and I have been continuously attending the international CMG conferences and presenting papers since 1994. That should be seen as a clear indication of the value I place in CMG and its major conference. First, there is a lot to be gained by attending the technical sessions due a very good mix of theoretical and practical content. .. [continue reading]
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