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West GA Creamery Celebrating One Year Anniversary Tomorrow! Visit Their Facebook Page Here 

Saturday, July 7th, West Georgia Creamery invites you to celebrate their one year anniversary at the Creamery!
They will host: Gary Black, Georgia's Agriculture Commissioner, The Dairy Alliance, The Georgia Mobile Dairy Classroom, Free hot-dogs and chips (while supplies last) and of course their delicious, whole milk, including the new strawberry and peaches and cream milk! 

In the past week we have seen some significant progress toward the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The House and Senate have both passed their versions of the bill. What happens next? Selected members of the two houses of congress will meet in a conference committee to determine which aspects of each version make it into the final bill they pass and send to the President. For dairy risk management programs, this may prove difficult given the differences in the two bills.  Read more

As of close-of-business July 3, 21,212 dairy farmers had enrolled in the  Dairy Margin Protection Program.

USDA is still compiling numbers, however, so the enrollment figure is not yet final, says Wayne Maloney, a spokesman for USDA's Farm Service Agency.

FSA has paid out about $141 million in MPP indemnity payments to those enrollees. That's about $6,650 per enrolled farm. The payments were made based on the following milk/feed margin .   Read more
UGA Seeking Senior Farm Manager for ADS Beef and Dairy Farms in Athens/Eatonton 
The University of Georgia Animal and Dairy Science Department is seeking to hire a Senior Farm Manager to oversee management of all ADS Beef and Dairy Farms in Athens and Eatonton areas.  This position reports directly to the Head of the Animal and Dairy Science Department (ADS). Duties of the position include, but are not limited to, 1) providing budgetary management to ensure that all farm units are operated in a fiscally sound manner, 2) providing direct oversight of all the farming and livestock operations in ADS to ensure that each farm efficiently utilizes all available resources, each farm's infrastructure is properly maintained and each farm's practices are in compliance with current industry, governmental and university standards an regulations, 3) working with faculty and farm staff to ensure that the research, teaching and extension missions are accomplished. For additional information click here.
Written By: Progressive Dairyman Editor Dave Natzke

May 2018's  Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) margin calculations continued a four-month string below $7 per hundredweight (cwt), meaning dairy producers who purchased coverage at the highest margin levels will receive indemnity payments for a fourth consecutive month.

 prices up slightly
The May  U.S. average milk price improved 40 cents per cwt from April to $16.20 per cwt (Table 1). The May 2018 average was 50 cents less than May 2017. Through the first five months of 2018, the average milk price stands at $15.80 per cwt compared to $17.58 per cwt in the same period of 2017. Read more
July Dixie Dairy Report
This issue covers:
        • CME dairy product prices decline
        • May milk production up 0.8%.
        • Watching Florida milk production is one of the better indicators of dairy farm financial conditions.
        • Future blend prices.
        • Milk produced per southeastern dairy farm exceeds 4 million lbs.
        • Multiple component pricing (MCP) proposal withdrawn.

Click Here for the July Dixie Dairy Report

By Video by Jim Cricchi

Buy a pound of cheese or a carton of milk in the U.S., and it most likely hails from Wisconsin, the number-one cheese and number-two milk producer in the country. Often, that Wisconsin dairy product comes from a cow that was milked by an undocumented immigrant.

Nationwide,  51%  of dairy workers are immigrants. According to workers, farmers, and industry experts, more than three-fourths of these immigrants are undocumented. As a result, farms with immigrant employees produce the vast majority-79%-of the American milk supply.

Many farmers attribute the dearth of American-born dairy workers to a cultural shift in the way we view the agriculture industry. "When I was growing up, the people that worked on farms were sons and daughters of other farmers," says John Rosenow, a dairy farm owner from Wisconsin, in Jim Cricchi's short documentary, Los Lecheros. Like much of the state's $43 billion-a-year dairy industry, Rosenow's farm now relies heavily on immigrant labor. He laments the fact that today dairy work is "relegated to immigrants" and is seen as being "beneath us."  Watch Video Here

In less than 10 days, many of you will be in Chicago-my home town-to attend IFT18, the annual meeting and food expo of the Institute of Food Technologists. Experience the newest products, latest trends and cutting-edge innovations when you immerse in the industry's largest collection of food ingredient suppliers, along with food safety/quality, technology, equipment, processing and packaging suppliers. It is here where you will get a taste of what is next in the science of food.

A dominant theme at IFT18 will be formulating foods for healthy living, a platform that dairy foods plays right into thanks to milk's nutrient dense composition. Healthy living is also a packaged food megatrend for 2018, as identified by Euromonitor International.

The food industry continues to shift its focus from weight management to nutrition and natural wellbeing, which is why the healthy living trend is broken down into two sub-trends: back to nature and naturally functional. The industry has seen a rise in "back to nature" with a plethora of raw foods and minimally processed foods. Grass-fed dairy also plays into this space as the original plant-based milk. And, with sugar the new villain, processors are exploring ingredients and technologies to reduce or eliminate added sugars in sweetened dairy foods, including flavored milk, ice cream and yogurt. The "naturally functional" sub-trend focuses on gut health, which has links with mental health and performance. The rise in this trend concentrates on fermented foods, probiotics, ancient grains and healthy fats. 
Read more
California's Federal Order: Here's What it Means for Your Milk Price
On Feb. 3, 2015, California Dairies Inc., Land O'Lakes and Dairy Farmers of America proposed enacting a Federal Order in California. This spring, those cooperatives and producers voted in favor of a Federal Order, and come Nov. 1, it will become operational.

Because California produces almost a fifth of the nation's milk, the impact of the order will cause ripples in the surface of milk prices from Los Angeles to Minneapolis and from Boston to Miami. Whether those ripples grow into waves remains to be seen. California's new Federal Order will be implemented at the same time world markets continue to churn and trade wars potentially disrupt U.S. exports.

It's difficult, then, to predict what influence California's new Federal Order will have on California and the rest of the country. Geoff Vanden Heuvel, a former dairy farmer and economic consultant for California's Milk Producer Council, sums it up this way: "We think it will be better. We know it will be different."    Read more 

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has resigned after months of  ethics controversies, citing "the unrelenting attacks" on himself and his family, which "have taken a sizable toll on all of us."

President Donald Trump first tweeted the news Thursday that Pruitt had resigned.    Read more  
Dean Foods Takes Majority Ownership of Plant-based Dairy-alternative Company

By Merritt Kennedy, NPR

Dean Foods Company has taken on the majority ownership of a plant-based food and beverage company that markets flaxseed milk.
Good Karma Foods and Dean Foods made the announcement on July 2that the dairy processing company had increased its ownership percentage to a majority stake.

"Good Karma is a fast-growing brand that gets us back into the growing plant-based food and beverage category, making it an excellent addition to our portfolio," says Ralph Scozzafava, CEO of Dean Foods. "Our investment in Good Karma is just one example of how we are executing against one of the major pillars of our strategic plan, to build and buy strong brands."

Good Karma's plant-based alternatives include flaxmilk and dairy free yogurt. The brands promote themselves as being free of all major allergens.

"We are thrilled about our continued partnership with the Dean Foods team," says Doug Radi, Good Karma Foods CEO. "We believe this relationship validates that Good Karma is one of the leading and fastest-growing brands to watch in the plant-based category, and we are excited about how this partnership will advance our mission of inspiring goodness by making our plant-based, non-dairy beverages and yogurts more accessible across the U.S."   Read more 
Surf And Turf: To Reduce Gas Emissions From Cows, Scientists Look To The Ocean

By Merritt Kennedy, NPR

Scientists think they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by tweaking the food that cows eat. A recent experiment from the University of California, Davis suggests that adding seaweed to cattle feed can dramatically decrease their emissions of the potent gas methane.

Livestock is a major source of greenhouse gases worldwide. About quarter of the methane emissions due to human activity in the U.S. can be chalked up to gas released from these animals, according to  the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency  Read more 
Farm Babe: The fat lies and fatter wallets of anti-GMO lobbyists

There is a lot of misinformation about GMOs online. But why is that? Where is this info coming from?

Well, the answer is quite clear once you do a little digging, and there is a lot of money to be made off of consumer fear. Sometimes when I defend GMOs online, people accuse me of being paid by Monsanto. Well, I'm a farmer. They don't pay us, we pay them. And that argument is silly because we have hundreds of seed companies to choose from, and they're not even the biggest. To think that they are the only company that cares about profits is just plain naive. The more than $39 billion organic industry cares about profits! Food companies care about profits! And frankly, they'll do whatever it takes to make a buck.   Read more 
GA Dairy Classifieds

For Sale:
  8 high quality Holstein heifers due Sept and Oct. AI bred and AI sired. $1400. Ray Ward 706-473-8789.

Private Herd Disperal: Small herd in Millen is dispersing their herd.  100 milk cows, 30 dry cows and additional heifers for sale.  Holstein/Jersey Cross. If interested please email for more information.

For Sale: 
WW Livestock Systems Hydraulic Head shoot, never used, excellent condition, kept  under roof.  Listed for $23,041 asking $15,000 or reasonable offer.  Call M
aggie 352-507- 
2042 or email:
For Sale: Custom manure application and Dryhill manure equipment sales. 
Contact Edwin @ 478-299-0717 with Agboys Custom Services LLC  - 
New 8"x52' lagoon pump with outriggers $24,000 (Pictured right)

For Sale 3000 gallon Surge/Westfalia milk tank and wash system. Three phase condensers. 2002 model. Excellent condition. John B Gay, 478-494-5107

WANTED: DeLaval Westfalia
 Neck Transponders:  TN Dairy seeking used Westfalia neck band transponders. 
Please contact Bill or Peggy Howell if interested at 423-972-9254 or 423-371-3032.

WANTED: Looking for used pasteurizing and bottling equipment in working condition; Linda and Darrell Rankins, Jr.; 334-745-2357 (best times: mid-day and after 8 p.m.)

For Sale: 
Jersey cows, heifers and calves for sale.  Registered with AJCA, all ages! Contact Matt Holton at 770-718-8271, call or text.  Dawsonville, GA.

FOR HIRE:  Custom Silage Harvesting.  Late model JD chopper. Will travel. Let me put your quality forage up! Nic Haynes, Muddy H Farms, 678-617-3379.

We have a continuous selection of fresh and springing heifers.
Call William at  (706) 768-2857 or visit our website at 

Bullcalves Wanted : Looking for Bullcalves to purchase - Barron Tench 864-844-2295 or     
Upcoming Events:

AGAware Workshops Scheduled for Summer   
AgGeorgia and AgSouth are pleased to announce the dates and locations locked down for another round of AGAware workshops. Van McCall will present an exciting and fun-filled, educational workshop on farm finance.  The classes are from  9 am until 4 pm with lunch provided and there is no charge to attend. The workshops are certified for FSA borrower credits as well.   Click here for more information . This is a hands-on workshop with actual projects conducted during the training. 
For more information about AGAware, contact Christy Smith at or  912-764-9091 or Corey Cottle at  or  478-987-8300 x253.
GA Milk Producers|706.310.0020

Georgia Milk Producers has been named a 2017 All Star Award winner by Constant Contact , an  Endurance International Group  company and a leader in email marketing solutions. The annual award recognizes the most successful 10 percent of Constant Contact's customer base, based on their significant achievements using email marketing to engage their customer base and drive results for their organization during the prior year.  GA Milk utilizes the Constant Contact marketing service each Friday with their GA Milk Weekly Enews and has received this award for the last three years. Thank you to our many subscribers!!