Congratulations to the Swafford Family of Briarpatch Dairy in Eatonton! They are the 2018 Putnam County Dairy Farm Family!
Moooving on up
By Tia Lynn Ivey, Morgan Co. Citizen

Just two years ago, a modest dairy farm tucked away in the remote hills of Newborn, Ga., was producing fresh milk primarily sold at local farmers markets and onsite out of a small unattended fridge, trusting the patrons to abide by the honor system and leave their payments in a designated mailbox outside after picking out their milk. What once was the Johnston Family Farm has now been transformed by the Kelly Family into the Rock House Creamery, an award-winning dairy boasting 100 cows and perfecting several popular milk and cheese products sold all over Georgia-including Athens, Covington, Madison, Augusta. and Atlanta.
"We have been producing grass-fed beef, heritage hogs and heirloom corn at Rock House Farm for several years, in order to provide high-quality food products to our local community. Rock House Creamery was a natural extension of our operations," said Keith Kelly, owner of Rock House Creamery and Rock House Farm in Leesburg, Ga.  "The Johnston family created a legacy of high-quality dairy products among local and regional consumers. We are also a family farm and want to carry on tradition their family started in 1940."
People and Places with Pierce: Southern Swiss Dairy
By Pierce Legeion, Fox 54

Watch this clip that features Southern Swiss Dairy in Waynesboro - Click here to view
MPP 2018: 20,000 Farmers, $90 Million In Payments So Far

As checks totaling more than $90 million were issued to farmers enrolled in the Margin Protection Program (MPP) on Tuesday, USDA extended the enrollment period to give producers another chance to enroll.
While more than 20,000 farmers enrolled in the program last week, 5,000 of those folks signed up on Thursday and Friday. In an effort to make sure producers who want to enroll have an opportunity to, the agency extended enrollment to June 8.   Read more 
Farmers in S.E. Tenn. explain why U.S. farmers commit suicide at shocking rates
By Allison Levine, News Channel 9

In the United States, those working in farming, fishing, and forestry take their lives at a higher rate than any other occupation.

That's according to the  Centers for Disease Control.
Across the country, farmers are turning to suicide more often than American veterans.
On its website, the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network has an entire page dedicated to  Farmers and Suicide Prevention.

"We try to watch out for each other here and we do sort of have this brotherhood of farmers and we kind of watch out for each other," Julie Walker told NewsChannel 9 on Tuesday.

Walker works with farmers across the Southeast in her role as communications coordinator for AgCentral.
June 2018 Dixie Dairy Report  

T his report covers:
- First quarter report on dairy demand
- Milk production
- Projected Blend Prices
- Fluid milk sales
- Dairy Product sales
- Covington's recent trip to West Africa  

By Lisa Drayer, CNN

In the nutritional world, the benefits of cow's milk are well-known: It's a good source of several important nutrients, including protein, calcium and vitamin D, and an important staple for children.
But despite its winning nutrient profile, cow's milk doesn't always have a place within one's diet. Take vegans, who avoid food from all animals, or people who have an allergy to milk protein. Or the large percentage of individuals who have trouble digesting lactose, the sugar in milk, and prefer something other than dairy milks that may be more easily digested.

Non-dairy milks, including soy, almond, rice and coconut milk, are juices from nuts, seeds, grains and legumes that are often fortified with vitamins and minerals in an attempt to deliver the equivalent nutrient profile and sometimes taste and consistency of cow's milk.

These plant-based "milks" have become increasingly popular and serve as a welcome alternative for those who can't tolerate or choose not to consume cow's milk. According to  market research analysis, half of Americans consume these milks, including 68% of parents and 54% of children younger than 18. But how well do these "milks" compare to the real thing?   Read more
The last thing America's dairy farmers need is a trade war with Mexico

Every June since 1937, America has celebrated National Dairy Month, taking the opportunity to recognize the hardworking men and women who make some of our favorite and most iconic foods possible. After all, it wouldn't be summer without at least one dripping ice cream cone or a scoop of vanilla with some American apple pie. 

But this year, June has our dairy farmers more than a little on edge. Just a few days ago, they received news that their biggest foreign customer,  Mexico, is threatening retaliatory tariffs on cheese, among other agricultural products. If these are enacted, the impacts could be detrimental to the industry. Like much of American agriculture, it is highly dependent on exports, especially with our NAFTA partners. 

One-seventh of what dairy farmers produce - or as they like to put it, one day out of every week of work - is exported, an amount that  was worth $5.5 billion last year. Those exports in turn support many people in addition to farmers. They create  an estimated 100,000 jobs in dairy farming and processing, retail, transportation and more.       Read more 
It's June Dairy Month! Let's Share How Great GA's Dairy Industry Is!

Georgia Milk Producers updated our Georgia Dairy Facts page just in time for  June Dairy Month.  Click here to download and share online or during farm tours!!  Let's celebrate our dairy industry.
You Can't Stop This Two-legged Ranch Dog From Working the Herd

The hardest working employee on this farm does his job with a happy smile, a wagging tail and a huge heart. Patton, a two-legged blue heeler dog, takes his job running cattle seriously. 

After Patton lost his front legs in a farming accident a couple years ago, his owner, Korby Kost, who owns and operates a feedlot in Carrington, N.D., built a custom mobility cart to let Patton be outside doing what he loves.

"W e call him the wheeler heeler,Kost told KFYR TV "He loves it, it's what he lives for. Yeah, loves chasing cattle."    Read more 
6th patient admitted to Children's Hospital following E. coli outbreak

An investigation into an E. coli outbreak in East Tennessee is underway after the Knox County Health Department reports more than 10 children became sick from the bacteria. The health department said cases are likely associated with the consumption of raw milk and contact with farm animals.

The health department said the majority of the sick children drank milk from a local cow-share dairy, French Broad Farm. Several other cases reported attending A Kids Place, Inc., a daycare in Mascot, Tenn. 
"We're sampling places where the animals sleep and poop and things and sending that for testing," said Martha Buchanan, the Knox County Health Department Director. We're also sampling things inside incase somebody brought he bacteria inside and that's how a kid got exposed to it."

According to the Knox County Health Department, they received a report from A Kids Place, Inc. about a child who might have E. coli. Over the next few days, the health department began receiving reports from labs and doctor's offices about children with E. coli.     Read more 
Colored Cows Are Adding Fat To The Milk Supply

While the U.S. milking herd is still predominantly black and white, there's more colored cows adding high component milk to the nation's milk supply.

Based on data from the Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA), Holsteins are still the breed of choice, but the number of non-Holstein cows on U.S. dairy farms continues to grow. USDA data from 2014 shows that herds are becoming more mixed as well. While less than 8% of the cow herd are Jerseys, the breed shows up on nearly 30% of dairy operations. 

Crossbreeding has become more popular as well as producers look to take advantage of the heterosis effect of more components, greater fertility and better feed efficiency.       Read more
Got milk? Answer in NC may soon be no if it's plant-based
By Laura Leslie, WRAL Capitol Bureau chief

Call it the "Milk Defense Act."

A provision in the proposed 2018 Farm Bill would ban the marketing of soy milk, almond milk or any other plant-based drink in North Carolina as "milk" by Jan 1.

Senate Agriculture and Environment Committee Chairman  Brent Jackson , R-Sampson, said federal regulations require milk "to come from a hoofed animal," but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not enforced it.

Actually, the FDA definition of milk doesn't mention hooves or even mammals - human mothers provide breast milk to their children - saying it is "the lacteal secretion ... of one or more healthy cows."     Read more
Managed dairy system enticed Coca-Cola to build Ontario milk plant: Dairy Farmers
By Ross Marowits, Financial Post

Coca-Cola Canada's decision to invest $85 million in a new milk processing plant in Ontario shows why the Canadian government should continue to defend the country's supply management system, said the general manager of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau caused worries in Canada's dairy sector when he said on NBC's Meet the Press that Canada would consider allowing U.S. dairy greater access to the Canadian market as part of the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

"As far as I know the government is going to continue to support the Canadian dairy system. This is a perfect example of why he ought to," Dairy Farmers general manager Graham Lloyd said in an interview Tuesday.
He said the system is attracting investment from around the world.

"It's a good example of why this system works, and when you compare it to the other systems and dairy industries they're just not sustainable and not growing."     Read more
GA Dairy Classifieds

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For Sale 3000 gallon Surge/Westfalia milk tank and wash system. Three phase condensers. 2002 model. Excellent condition. John B Gay, 478-494-5107

WANTED: DeLaval Westfalia
 Neck Transponders:  TN Dairy seeking used Westfalia neck band transponders. 
Please contact Bill or Peggy Howell if interested at 423-972-9254 or 423-371-3032.

WANTED: Looking for used pasteurizing and bottling equipment in working condition; Linda and Darrell Rankins, Jr.; 334-745-2357 (best times: mid-day and after 8 p.m.)

For Sale: 
Jersey cows, heifers and calves for sale.  Registered with AJCA, all ages! Contact Matt Holton at 770-718-8271, call or text.  Dawsonville, GA.

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We have a continuous selection of fresh and springing heifers.
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AGAware Workshops Scheduled for Summer
AgGeorgia and AgSouth are pleased to announce the dates and locations locked down for another round of AGAware workshops. Van McCall will present an exciting and fun-filled, educational workshop on farm finance.  The classes are from  9 am until 4 pm with lunch provided and there is no charge to attend. The workshops are certified for FSA borrower credits as well.
Click here for more information . This is a hands-on workshop with actual projects conducted during the training. 

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