Ocmulgee Dairy, Bonaire
GMP and ADA of GA Hold Fall District Meetings Across State

Thank you Georgia dairy farm families and industry affiliates for attending the 2018 Georgia Milk Producers and ADA of Georgia annual fall district meetings. We had great producer turnout in Montezuma, Buckhead, Williamson and Waynesboro.
Each fall, our organization holds district meetings across the state to report on yearly activities and to bring producers up-to-date on issues affecting 
their businesses. Plus, it's a great opportunity to visit with fellow dairy farmers!
Special thank you to Andrew Peachey and his family for preparing the meal at last night's meeting in Waynesboro.  We will hold the drawing for the $500 Grand Prize drawing during the Dress-A-Cow Contest at the GA National Fair on October 6th.  If you follow us on Facebook, we will post the drawing live!    
Georgia Grown Baby Barn Coming to 2018 Georgia National Fair
From Georgia Department of Agriculture

The Georgia Grown Baby Barn, a live birthing center and nursery for farm animals, will open its doors for the first time at the upcoming 2018 Georgia National Fair in Perry Oct. 4-14. The Georgia Department of Agriculture - in collaboration with the Georgia National Fair Board, the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association and Georgia's animal industry partners- are excited to introduce this one-of-a-kind agricultural education exhibit to promote familiarity with Georgia's animal agriculture industry by showcasing live births of cattle.

"The Georgia National Fair has a rich tradition of serving as an educational cornerstone for Georgia's agriculture industry," Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black said. "The Georgia Grown Baby Barn will further enhance that effort by offering a unique experience for all fair attendees. We want to help people make a connection with agriculture and have them leave the fair with a stronger appreciation for the work of Georgia's farmers and farm families."

The 10,800-square-foot facility was built as an annex to the existing Georgia Grown Building at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter. After visiting similar attractions at other state fairgrounds and experiencing the overwhelming positive reactions, the fair board voted to bring a similar attraction to Perry.
"The people in Minnesota were enthralled," said Jack Spruill, director of marketing for the Georgia Department of Agriculture. "There were families who stood attentively for up to four hours to see a cow have a calf."

Spectators in the Baby Barn will have the opportunity to see 11 dairy calves born, one birth for each day of the fair. Newborn piglets will also be on display. Certified veterinarians will be available throughout the duration of the fair to provide care for the animals.

The dates of each birth have been estimated with a high degree of certainty thanks to fertility science, but since the exact timing cannot be guaranteed, fairgoers are encouraged to download the new Georgia National Fair app to receive notifications regarding upcoming births. The smartphone application will be used to alert fairgoers that the birth is imminent and encourage visitors to make their way to the Georgia Grown Building if they wish to be present at the time of birth and suggest names for the newborns. The Georgia National Fair app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
Canada Still Has Options to Join NAFTA
By Mike Opperman, MILK Business

As the Trump Administration prepares to  publish the text  of its bilateral trade deal with Mexico, Canada is likely to be left on the sidelines. According to Jim Wiesemeyer, Pro Farmer policy analyst, President Trump and some members of Congress could decide to move ahead without Canada if they think Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is dragging his feet.

Negotiations around dairy remain a sticking point, and Canada isn't giving much ground. Sen. John Thune (R - SD) isn't optimistic.

"It sounds like the issues we are trying to negotiate with them are still pretty thorny," Thune says. "It doesn't sound like they're willing to give us anything near what we need to get in terms of a deal on dairy."

According to an article in Bloomberg, there are still options for Canada to come to the trading table.  Read more 
Ocmulgee Dairy, Middle Georgia
Ocmulgee Dairy, Middle Georgia
Farrah's Farm Feature

Check out the first Farrah's Farm Feature
( of hopefully mor e) video featuring Ocmulgee Dairy in Bonaire, Georgia.  Farrah Newberry shares pictures and video from this 3rd generation dairy farm owned and operated by Neal and Tal Talton.  
GFB encourages Georgians to vote with I Farm. I Vote. campaign

Georgia Farm Bureau is urging all Georgia citizens to be participants in their democratic process, to make their voice known on Nov. 6, when the state will elect its next governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of state, along with many other state and national elected officials. It is a serious responsibility.

"Georgia Farm Bureau is nonpartisan and has a long-standing record of working with officials from all parties," said GFB President Gerald Long. "Our organization is not endorsing any candidate, but we are encouraging all Georgians involved with agriculture or who live in rural communities to take your civic right to vote seriously, research where the candidates stand on issues important to rural Georgia and to vote."

The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 9 and early voting begins Oct. 15. GFB has launched a website,  www.ifarmivoteGa.com, to assist Georgia's voters in these areas. The site will provide information about how and where to register to vote, and the locations of local voting precincts. Read more 
The Milk Supply Grows and Grows
The USDA released August data on milk production on September 19, 2018 .  The data shows a continuing increase in the milk supply.  Cow numbers have shown little change in the last two months. The August data shows a 1.4% increase in the milk supply in August and a 1.3% increase YTD in 2018 (Chart I).  As covered in the  June 27 blog post , the milk supply growth is well above the growth in consumption.  Even with low producer milk prices, the milk supply continues to grow.

The decline in domestic fluid milk consumption is signaling a growth rate well below the increase in the milk supply.  The  May 28, 2018 post  showed a declining rate of fluid milk consumption of 3.3%.  The decline now appears to be accelerating.

Florida is a good indicator of fluid milk consumption changes, as almost all of Florida's milk is for fluid consumption. Because fluid milk cannot be held for a long time, it is impossible to build an inventory of fluid milk.  What is produced is consumed quickly.  Read more
Application deadline to renew medium and large state land application permits is
By Melony Wilson, UGA Animal Waste Management Specialist

All confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in Georgia with 300 animal units or greater are required by state law to obtain a permit. Most of the CAFOs in the state have either a medium or large state land application system (LAS) permit. Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) review and update these permits every 5 years. The new permits are due to be released in April of 2019. All current permit holders must submit a notice of intent (NOI) form to Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) in order to obtain coverage under the new permit. Failure to
submit a NOI will result in loss of permit coverage. According to the new permits, owners/operators must apply for the new permits 180 days before the release of the new permit. 
Therefore, the deadline to submit the NOI to GDA is October 2, 2018. All permit holders received a letter from EPD explaining the requirement to submit a NOI. The letter also contained a copy of the NOI form with directions on how to complete the form. If you did not receive the letter or misplaced the form, it can be found on the AWARE website at www.aware.uga.edu. Don't forget to send in the form by October 2, 2018.

In addition to sending in a NOI for the new permit, a new nutrient management plan (NMP) may also need to be submitted to GDA. If the NMP was approved before March 15, 2011, then a new NMP must be submitted to GDA along with your NOI. However, if the plan was approved after that date then it is still valid. All NMPs must be written by a certified nutrient management specialist. Many county extension agents with CAFOs in their counties are certified to write these plans so simply contact the local extension office. It is important to know that a NMP can be fairly complicated and takes a significant amount of time to complete. So the sooner the process can be started the better. Also, soil tests and manure test are required to complete a NMP so these samples should be submitted and results obtained before the process is started. For questions contact
Melony Wilson at mlwilson@uga.edu.
Chick-fil-A Makes More Per Restaurant Than McDonald's, Starbucks and Subway Combined ... and It's Closed on Sundays
Matthew McCreary, 

The top three fast food franchises for yearly U.S. sales, according to the  2018 QSR Magazine Report, which breaks down sales numbers from the previous year, were McDonald's, Starbucks and Subway. Here's how the numbers shook out:
  1. McDonald's -- 14,036 units, $37,480,670,000 in sales, or $2,670,320 in sales per unit.
  2. Starbucks -- 13,930 units, $13,167,610,000 in sales, or $945,270 in sales per unit.
  3. Subway -- 25,908 units, $10,800,000,000 in sales, or $416,860 in sales per unit.
Now, if you were starting your own business, you'd be pretty happy with any of those numbers. The worst of them, Subway, is reeling in nearly $11 billion in sales each year.

Chick-fil-A was ranked a not-too-shabby eighth by QSR, after taking in $9 billion in sales. That number trailed Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy's and Dunkin' Donuts in addition to the top three.

But, the most amazing part of this is that Chick-fil-A only operates 2,225 restaurants. That's less than a sixth as the top three earning restaurants and less than half as many as the rest of the franchises ahead of it. Of the top-50 earning restaurants, Chick-fil-A ranked 21st in the number of units.

So, how did Chick-fil-A rank so highly in total U.S. sales? By earning more per store than any other restaurant. A lot more. In fact, the average Chick-fil-A unit made around $4,090,900 in 2017. By contrast, the total sales for a McDonald's ($2,670,320 per unit), Starbucks ($945,270) and Subway ($416,860) is $4,032,450.

That's crazy -- especially since Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays.     Read more  
FDA Requests Public Comments on Dairy Food Labeling

The FDA wants to know how much consumers know about dairy products, and how that knowledge translates to products labeled as milk but made from soy, peas or nuts. A Request for Information was issued in the Federal Register to solicit public comments and feedback on the issue.

"Consumers should be able to know at a quick glance what type of product they're purchasing for themselves and their families," says FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb in a statement on the topic. "We're interested to know if consumers are aware of, and understand, the nutritional characteristics and differences among these products [plant based dairy alternatives], and between these products and dairy, when they make dietary choices for themselves and their families."

According to Gottlieb, the public comments will help inform the development of draft guidance to provide greater clarity on appropriate labeling of plant-based alternatives. He says FDA is currently assessing products to determine whether labels are misleading consumers in a way that would prompt the department to take action to ensure consumers are not being misled into thinking that their plant-based beverage is a dairy product in disguise.

"We welcome the public comment request by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that we hope will finally curtail the misleading labeling practices of plant-based foods imitating real dairy products," says Jim Mulhern, president and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation, in a prepared statement. "NMPF will provide additional perspective explaining why the agency must enforce its own labeling regulations and limit the use of standardized dairy terms to products that come from an animal."

The Request for Information will accept comment through November 27, 2018.
To comment, click here and follow instructions.

For Commissioner Gottlieb's full comments, click here.   
Carolinas farms could take billions in losses from Florence

Hurricane Florence is testing the resolve of farmers in the Carolinas, who could face billions of dollars in agricultural damage while still feeling the sting from Hurricane Matthew almost two years ago.

After last weekend's high winds and rain that was measured in feet, followed by this week's rising rivers and standing water in fields, early farm reports are confirming pre-storm worries about losses to tobacco, cotton and corn crops. North Carolina industry leaders remain anxious about whether sweet potatoes and peanuts - grown beneath the soil and susceptible to flooding - will suffer greatly as well.

Matthew hurt eastern North Carolina farmers in 2016, but that storm arrived in October, after most of field crops had been brought in. With Florence, most major crop harvests were still underway or just getting started.

"This hurricane couldn't have come at a worse time," North Carolina Farm Bureau President Larry Wooten said,

North Carolina likely won't have preliminary crop damage estimates until the end of the next week, state Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said. Floodwaters and blocked country roads still were making it difficult for agency agronomists to check out farms. Five of North Carolina's top six farming counties are within the hardest-hit areas in the eastern part of the state.   Read more 
Milk protein shown to alleviate chemotherapy side effects could enhance patients' recovery

Patients undergoing cancer treatment confront a number of well-documented side effects.

Chemotherapy and other cancer therapies can wreak havoc on the taste buds and olfactory senses, depriving recipients of the intricate interplay between taste and smell that is critical to grasping flavors and enjoying foods. Over time, taste and smell abnormalities (TSA) can lead to a loss of appetite and anorexic behaviors, compromising patients' ability to recuperate from the disease.

In a new paper published in the journal  Food & Function, Virginia Tech  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences researchers Susan Duncan and Aili Wang investigated the feasibility of lactoferrin, a highly bioactive protein found in saliva and milk, as a treatment for TSA. Their findings could bring relief to millions of patients undergoing cancer treatment.      Read here   
From Hoard's Dairyman

I think we all have been thinking overtime about what has led to the current malaise in the dairy industry . . . especially after reading the Hoard's Dairyman Intel item " Fluid milk consumption falls to a 75-year low."

I cannot help but think a great deal of the problem devolves from milk marketing, which is virtually unchanged over our working lifetimes. We still seem to have milk cooperative leaders who believe Congress (rather than consumers) should be our customer.

Prior federal subsidies may have led to more expansion of production than world trends justified, and proof of that may be that most of our major export markets have certainly ramped up their local dairy production capability utilizing our technology and our genetics, which we freely exported.
I decided to try some online research, so I Googled "issues with cow's milk."

The very first item is from PETA: "12 reasons to not drink cow's milk." In this they attempt to debunk most of the key benefits dairy checkoff promotions have sponsored.

As I scroll down the listings I find that much of the negativity involves "skim" or "low-fat" milk packages.
These tend to be the most processed of bottling milk packages, and the nutrition industry has a trend in favor of more "raw" and less "processed" foods.     Read more   
GA Dairy Classifieds

Heifers for Sale (SC): 
18 Bred Registered Holstein Heifers. Big heifers
4 Due in October
6 Due in November
5 Due in December
3 Due in March
50 years in the Dairy business, 
Top herd in South Carolina. 
RHA 25,000, 
Closed Herd, 
All AI Sired, 
All AI Bred, and 
Contact: Debbie Glenn at 

Bull Calves WANTED: Competitive pricing with 6 day a week pickup. Brandon Mason Cattle Company 912-632-4490

For HIRE: Southeast DHIA 
has a position to fill in the 
West Central Georgia area for a 
 Responsibilities include data 
collection on area dairy farms 
during milking time. S
chedule is somewhat flexible 
but the hours are non-typical. S
ome travel and out-of-town 
work likely. 
Applicants should be comfortable 
with computers and software and
have good communication and 
organizational skills as well as 
reliable transportation. Pickup Truck required. I
f interested send a resume to 
For Sale: 
WW Livestock Systems Hydraulic Head shoot, never used, excellent condition, kept  under roof.  Listed for $23,041 asking $15,000 or reasonable offer.  Call M
aggie 352-507- 
2042 or email:  hartagriculture@outlook.com
For Sale: Custom manure application and Dryhill manure equipment sales. 
Contact Edwin @ 478-299-0717 with Agboys Custom Services LLC  - 
New 8"x52' lagoon pump with outriggers $24,000 (Pictured right)

For Sale 3000 gallon Surge/Westfalia milk tank and wash system. Three phase condensers. 2002 model. Excellent condition. John B Gay, 478-494-5107

WANTED: DeLaval Westfalia
 Neck Transponders:  TN Dairy seeking used Westfalia neck band transponders. 
Please contact Bill or Peggy Howell if interested at 423-972-9254 or 423-371-3032.

WANTED: Looking for used pasteurizing and bottling equipment in working condition; Linda and Darrell Rankins, Jr.; 334-745-2357 (best times: mid-day and after 8 p.m.)

For Sale: 
Jersey cows, heifers and calves for sale.  Registered with AJCA, all ages! Contact Matt Holton at 770-718-8271, call or text.  Dawsonville, GA.

FOR HIRE:  Custom Silage Harvesting.  Late model JD chopper. Will travel. Let me put your quality forage up! Nic Haynes, Muddy H Farms, 678-617-3379.

We have a continuous selection of fresh and springing heifers.
Call William at  (706) 768-2857 or visit our website at 

Bullcalves Wanted : Looking for Bullcalves to purchase - Barron Tench 864-844-2295 or  barron.tench@gmail.com     
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