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GFB Convention to celebrate farmers' resiliency
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Less than two months after Hurricane Michael dealt more than $2.5 billion in crop and livestock damages to Georgia agriculture, Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) members will gather on Jekyll Island to celebrate the resiliency of Georgia farmers during the organization's 81st annual meeting Dec. 2-4.      
"Georgia Farm Bureau has advocated for Georgia's farmers and rural communities for eighty-one years. Our purpose - to serve as the voice of Georgia's farmers - is needed now more than ever as Georgia's agricultural community recovers from Hurricane Michael. Farmers from Seminole to Burke counties suffered varying degrees of damage that will take a while to rebound from, even generations in the case of timber and pecan losses," GFB President Gerald Long said. "Our convention will serve as a venue for our organization to support our members affected by the storm, get updates on ag issues and determine the positions our organization will take next year on the issues impacting their farms and rural communities."

American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) President Zippy Duvall and Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Gary Black will address convention attendees during the general session on Dec. 3 between 8:15 a.m. and noon. Duvall served as GFB president from December 2006 until Jan. 2016 when he became the first Georgian elected to lead AFBF. Black has revitalized the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Georgia Grown program and initiated the Farm to School program since first taking office in 2011.  Read more
Vaughters' Barn, a former dairy farm that is part of Panola Mountain State Park and the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area (AMNHA), is currently undergoing renovations to stabilize the historic building. The project began at the end of October.

Water damage, structural factors, and general wear and tear have led to some structural instability. Upon completion of the project, the barn will offer increased opportunities for education about county history.

DeKalb County was at one point the biggest dairy producer in the state of Georgia, and S. B. Vaughters was one of the many dairy farmers in the area. As urban sprawl inched out of Atlanta over the course of the 20th century, Mr. Vaughters sought a different future for his land.   Read more 
North American leaders formally signed their new trade agreement Friday, marking the end of 15 months of contentious talks between the U.S., Canada and Mexico - and the beginning of what could be months of fierce debate between the Trump administration and Congress.

The signing, which took place on the sidelines of the G-20 summit, shifts the onus onto each country's legislatures to approve the agreement before it can actually take effect. And that could be a problem in the U.S., where some Democrats have already been opposing the labor and environmental provisions in the pact, now known as the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement or USMCA.  Read more 
Changes to the tax law mean farmers and other small business owners can immediately expense more of the cost of certain business property.

Many are now able to write off most depreciable assets in the year they are placed into service.

The new law increased the maximum deduction from $500,000 to $1 million. It also increased the phase-out threshold from $2 million to $2.5 million.  These changes apply to property placed in service in taxable years beginning after Dec. 31, 2017. For most businesses, this means the 2018 return they file next year .   Read more  

Sometimes dairy farmers must take advice from several outlets and use it to put together the best protocols for their herd.

Every once in a blue moon we have a cold, sickness, or milk production drop from a feed change hit our herd. If you're a dairyman, I am quite sure you have dealt with these things before. But, have you ever had a case of the "who knows what?"

You read that right . . . yes, I said, "Who knows what?" Sometimes you can talk to three or four different veterinarians and receive three or four different diagnoses. The conclusion may never be clear. What do you use to treat "who knows what?"

On November 12 I woke up, drank a cup of coffee, got ready, and headed into work. I do not usually work Sundays, so on Mondays I tend to feel a day off schedule with a little catch-up at hand. I went to my office and checked the activity monitors on my computer.

Then I checked milk production through the herd to see if anyone was off more than normal or if activity had fallen below the norm. To my surprise, I had quite a few problem cows to deal with. Most cows that were flagged had been giving 90 pounds of milk or more a day and had dropped more than 50 percent. I immediately started to write down numbers of cows to go look at on a piece of paper.

At this point I realized the problem was affecting more than one or two cows. We knew we were at the end of a ryegrass silage pit (probably only a day or two left in it). I called my feeder and told him to immediately switch to the new pit of ryegrass silage on my way out to see my girls.  Read more

At Son-Bow Farms near Spring Valley, Wisconsin, the sand-laden manure from 1,400 cows no longer goes straight to the lagoon.

It now passes through a sand separation and reclamation building before undergoing the two-phase NuWay process that further partitions it down to a unique trio of co-products: a high-phosphorus liquid fertilizer, a low-phosphorus liquid fertilizer and the equivalent of distilled water.    Read more 
It's been another year fil l ed with bogeys for the milk segment. Dollar sales in the overall category fell 3.9% to $15.3 billion during the 52 weeks ending Aug. 12, 2018, data from Chicago-based market research firm IRI show. Unit sales dropped 1.4%.

And in line with a multi-year trend, the refrigerated skim/low-fat milk subcategory - still the largest subcategory - found itself stuck with a number of bad lies. Dollar sales tumbled 8.4%, while unit sales took a 5.0% dive.

Even some subcategories that have been in growth mode in recent years weren't been able to avoid the hazards. For example, dollar and unit sales in the refrigerated flavored milk/eggnog and buttermilk segment both declined by 0.5%. And although refrigerated whole milk saw a modest (1.8%) increase in unit sales, dollar sales were down 1.1%.    Read more  

Georgia Correctional Industries has a position to fill in the Reidsville Georgia area for a Dairy Processing Manager.  Responsibilities include operating a dairy processing plant that services all GDC facilities, some county jails and Department of Juvenile Justice facilities.  Applicants should be comfortable with computers and software and have good communication and organizational skills.  Applicants should also have two years experience in dairy processing and excellent knowledge of all Department of Agriculture guidelines pertaining to milk processing.  If interested send a resume to Nicole Gaulthney at: 
Changes Await Georgia Farmers Renewing GATE Cards
Changes Await Georgia Farmers Renewing GATE Cards
From GA Farm Monitor

With input costs that can run hundreds of thousands of dollars for Georgia producers, it's essential farmers keep their GATE card up to date. Damon Jones looks at the renewal process and some of the recent changes to the program.
By Wyatt Bechtel, Drovers

A Holstein steer in Australia is a getting a "ton" of attention on social media and news websites after it was revealed to be 6 foot 4 inches and weigh more than a metric ton. ( Channel 7's Today Tonight via Associated Press )

A steer from Australia is proving to be larger than life after going viral on social media and news websites around the globe because of its enormous stature.

Knickers, a seven year old Holstein steer, was first featured in a story by the  Australian Broadcasting Network on Oct. 29. A month later the story of the behemoth of a steer drew international attention when news outlets like the  Associated PressTimeHuffington PostUSA TodayThe Telegram and  The Today Show all ran headlines about the beefy bovine.    Read more
By Teaganne Finn, Erik Wasson and Daniel Flatley, Bloomberg

Democrats and Republicans said they reached a tentative deal on farm legislation after jettisoning controversial work requirements for food stamp recipients demanded by President Donald Trump and conservatives in the House.

Lawmakers said Thursday they expect both chambers to take up the legislation as soon as next week after House-Senate negotiators resolved differences between their versions of the agriculture measures. The bill would renew farm subsidies, federal crop insurance and food aid for low-income families for five years.
Read more
By Donna Berry, Berry on Dairy

Many of us look at December 31st as a reboot button in the game of life. January 1st is a start over.

I encourage your innovation team to do the same. Put all projects away and start over with a clean mindset. Often times we get so engrossed in an assignment that we lose sight of the innovation's purpose, or worse, it never even had a purpose and it was just a task someone higher up in the chain of command thought might be good idea. But for what? 

The recently released What's in Store 2019 annual report from The International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) contains data on retail/market trends, growth and category changes shaping the food industry. Link  HERE  for insights from the report in an article I wrote for Food Business News  titled "Seeking growth in today's diverse retail environment."

The report explains that today's consumers want "real food," and while one singular definition of real food does not exist, for many, real means existing, not imitation. Real food then is a food that's as close to its natural state as possible. Dairy foods are the real deal.  Read more
GA Dairy Classifieds

Young Stock Supervisor wanted - 
Hart Agriculture Waynesboro GA
Grazing 500-1000 animals
Must be familiar with rotational grazing and breeding
Please contact Maggie 352-507-2042 or
Dairy Manager wanted - 
Hart Agriculture Waynesboro GA
300-700 milking cows
60 bale rotary, New Zealand style grazing system
Please contact Maggie 352-507-2042 or

Heifers for Sale (SC): 
18 Bred Registered Holstein Heifers. Big heifers 6 Due in November, 5 Due in December, 3 Due in March  50 years in the Dairy business, Top herd in South Carolina. RHA 25,000, Closed Herd, All AI Sired, all AI Bred, and  Vaccinated. Contact: Debbie Glenn at  864-376-8582.

Bull Calves WANTED: Competitive pricing with 6 day a week pickup. Brandon Mason Cattle Company 912-632-4490

For HIRE: Southeast DHIA 
has a position to fill in the 
West Central Georgia area for a 
 Responsibilities include data 
collection on area dairy farms 
during milking time. S
chedule is somewhat flexible 
but the hours are non-typical. S
ome travel and out-of-town 
work likely. 
Applicants should be comfortable 
with computers and software and
have good communication and 
organizational skills as well as 
reliable transportation. Pickup Truck required. I
f interested send a resume to 

For Sale: Custom manure application and Dryhill manure equipment sales. 
Contact Edwin @ 478-299-0717 with Agboys Custom Services LLC  - 
New 8"x52' lagoon pump with outriggers $24,000 (Pictured right)

For Sale 3000 gallon Surge/Westfalia milk tank and wash system. Three phase condensers. 2002 model. Excellent condition. John B Gay, 478-494-5107

WANTED: DeLaval Westfalia
 Neck Transponders:  TN Dairy seeking used Westfalia neck band transponders. 
Please contact Bill or Peggy Howell if interested at 423-972-9254 or 423-371-3032.

WANTED: Looking for used pasteurizing and bottling equipment in working condition; Linda and Darrell Rankins, Jr.; 334-745-2357 (best times: mid-day and after 8 p.m.)

For Sale: 
Jersey cows, heifers and calves for sale.  Registered with AJCA, all ages! Contact Matt Holton at 770-718-8271, call or text.  Dawsonville, GA.

FOR HIRE:  Custom Silage Harvesting.  Late model JD chopper. Will travel. Let me put your quality forage up! Nic Haynes, Muddy H Farms, 678-617-3379.

We have a continuous selection of fresh and springing heifers.
Call William at  (706) 768-2857 or visit our website at 

Bullcalves Wanted : Looking for Bullcalves to purchase - Barron Tench 864-844-2295 or     
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