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Georgia revises agriculture losses from Hurricane Michael

Georgia has revised its estimates of agriculture losses from Hurricane Michael.

State agencies say losses of timberland and the state's cotton crop were not as bad as feared in early estimates.

Donations for Farming Communities Affected by Hurricane Michael

GEORGIA FARM BUREAU:  Hurricane Michael has been devastating to farmers in Southwest Georgia with damage that could take months to repair.  If you'd like to help, you can give to the Hurricane Michael Relief Fund through the Georgia Farm Bureau Foundation at

GEORGIA CATTLEMEN'S ASSOCIATION:  The Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation is accepting tax-deductible donations to aid in the relief effort following from Hurricane Michael! One hundred percent of the donations to this fund will be dispersed to Georgia farmers and ranchers across the state that have been affected by this devastation. If any individual, company or organization would like to join in sending monetary donations as a relief, they will collect the funds and pass the donations made through the Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions to the Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation are 100 percent tax deductible. Please send payments to Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation, PO Box 27990, Macon, GA 31221 with the memo reading Hurricane Relief or donate online here. 
GATE Card Makeover Coming
From GA Agribusiness Council

The Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) will soon finalize necessary rule changes and contact all current GATE card holders via email and snail mail.

This year   HB 866   made substantial changes to GATE to help strengthen the integrity of the program.  Increased fees and stronger penalties were key components captured in HB 866. 

GDA is working to initiate the registration process and card issuance as the new 3-year card is phased in.   Please click here to see the changes in more detail.
Gov. Deal calls special legislative session
From GA Farm Bureau

On Oct. 23, Gov. Nathan Deal notified House Speaker David Ralston and Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle that he plans to call for a special legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly. The special session is set to convene on Tuesday, Nov. 13, according to a release from the governor's office.

"Georgia was severely impacted by Hurricane Michael and many communities across our state sustained heavy financial losses," said Deal. "In response, I will ask the General Assembly to take immediate action and lead the way in spurring rapid economic recovery for southwest Georgia communities. Our state budget also needs to be amended to ensure that we adequately cover our obligations. I hope to work quickly with the General Assembly in the coming days to provide support to the Georgia communities that need it most."

The regular session of the 2018 General Assembly adjourned sine die on March 29, 2018. Article V, Section II, Paragraph VII of the Constitution of the State of Georgia grants the governor the power to convene a special session of the General Assembly.
Class I Milk Crash Accelerates
From MilkPrice Blog

There are lots of headlines in the dairy news that milk production is continuing to grow.  There may be fewer cows, but the remaining cows are producing more milk.  This post will look at the other side of the supply/demand ratio, specifically, the decline in milk consumption.  In the May 26 post to this blog, the declining consumption of fluid milk was analyzed based on consumption data.  Not only was it declining, but the decline also appeared to be accelerating.  This post will update the fluid milk "disappearance" by analyzing Class I milk production in the Federal Milk Marketing Orders.  Read more
The 2018 milk prices could be the new normal
Milk prices have remained in a fairly narrow range thus far in 2018, with the monthly low of $15.30 per hundredweight (cwt.) registered in February and the high of $16.30 per cwt. posted in June. Early in 2018 there was optimism that U.S. milk prices would move higher in the second half of the year, as it was expected that stronger demand, especially export demand, and lower milk supplies would give a boost to prices .

Perhaps the time has come to recognize that it is going to take a notable shift in one of three areas to move U.S. milk prices significantly higher:
1. A slowdown in U.S. milk production
2. Stronger domestic demand for dairy products
3. Stronger U.S. dairy exports

Milk supplies have remained stubbornly strong in 2018. August milk production was 1.4 percent higher than the previous year after registering a much lower growth rate of 0.5 percent during July. A 5,000-cow gain in Texas from July to August shows that despite financial challenges that are apparent in many parts of the country, some producers continue to expand their operations.   Read more  
2018 October Georgia Milk Review

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By USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue, Hoard's Dairyman

One of the core promises that swept President Donald Trump into office was that he would renegotiate better deals for the United States with our traditional trading partners. With the announcement of a new trade pact among the United States, Mexico, and Canada, we welcomed the tremendous news that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) will be, if approved by Congress, replaced by a much stronger agreement.
Known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), the package will be important for American workers and our economy as a whole, including the agricultural sector, which counts Mexico and Canada in our top three trading partners.

I have long said that I believe our country is located in the best neighborhood on Earth - North America - with valuable allies to our north and south. Though the old NAFTA agreement was considered a generally positive compact for agriculture, there was certainly room for much-needed improvement.

Under USMCA, we have created new rules to help our farmers, ranchers, and workers better face the challenges of the 21st century economy, which will secure greater access to Mexican and Canadian markets and maintain and improve the highly productive, integrated agricultural relationships we have as nations.
Read more

We love seeing our next generation support today's generation and local communities!!  Thanks to the UGA Dairy Science Club for their recent donations and for visiting a school in Greene County !!

Non-dairy 'milks'? As a seasoned investigative food journalist, I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

So I'm sorry to see that people are forking out more for them than dairy milk. 

Coffee chains typically charge an extra fee if you want a latte made with an alt-milk - because we've been led to believe they'll make us healthier, and that buying them is more virtuous.
Let's look at how the vast majority of milk lookalikes are made.   Read more
Lots of Uncertainty Over Which Risk Management Tool Is Best
By Jim Dickrell, Dairy Talk

As dairy farmers try to manage risk moving into 2019, about the only thing you can say is that there is uncertainty about which risk management tool is best.

Ron Mortensen, with Dairy Gross Margin, LLC, ran a comparison of Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP) insurance premiums against the cost of simply purchasing put options on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Read more
Get to know Generation Z
From Dairy Foods

Generation Z - comprising consumers aged 11 to 22 in 2018 - has the potential to reset expectations for health and wellness, increase the reach of international cuisine and heighten creativity in the kitchen, according to global market research firm Mintel. Also known as the iGeneration, Gen Z is the most diverse in U.S. history, Mintel research shows. Read more
Minnesota farmer Paul Fritsche can no longer afford health insurance as he struggles to sustain a dairy farm that has been in his family for nearly a century.

"Do you pull the plug? We've been at it for 90 years," he said. "I'd hate to lose that."

The dairy industry was a sticking point in the contentious renegotiations of the free trade deal between the U.S., Canada and Mexico that concluded last month.

U.S. President Donald Trump demanded concessions from the protected Canadian dairy industry and said on Twitter that Canada was hurting U.S. farmers with high tariffs. After Canada gave some ground, Trump claimed a big victory and said farmers would have more export options.   Read more
GA Dairy Classifieds

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