Church of the Mountains, UMC Vision Statement:
"A Community of Faith Celebrating the Unconditional Love of God
 and Practicing Unconditional Love Toward Neighbor"

Church of the Mountains
United Methodist Church
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Hello church,
I know God has brought me here and I'm totally delighted to be your new pastor. You are very important and I want you to be free to contact me at: 
or call/ text at: 775-772-5665

Our church is dedicated to God and I am devoted to you. Soli De Gloria (to God alone be glory),
Join "Coffee with the Pastor" each Monday 10am -12.
Drop in via Zoom or phone for a chat and time to visit.
Sign up for "One on One" meetings with Pastor Vicki!
Monday's between 4pm - 8pm and Thursday's 2pm - 6pm
*If these don't work, reach out to her directly to set a different time
This Sunday "Zoom" Church
Join us on Sunday at 10am for a Welcome Celebration and Worship! Pastor Vicki will share her sermon "Identity Crisis"
based on the scripture: Isaiah 40:31

We will share Holy Communion
together so set your altar with the bread of life & cup of love.

Take an hour of your time to enjoy this virtual worship service! Right at 4 min 20 sec. you'll find Gabi Chan with her pup Indi, sharing a scripture of love!

Respond to this email with interest and we'll set a time to watch together over Zoom!
End of our 5th Season on the calendar but STILL going strong!

At the end of this season we have officially expanded our program to include year round "Homeless Services" and the "Day Respite Center" since March of this year. Thank you Church of the Mountains for your support in making this a reality in our community!

What you helped accomplish:
~ 33 Nights Open @ EWC
~ 52 individual overnight guests
~ 314 Nights of Shelter
~ Began day services on 3/3
~Moved into the Veterans Hall providing 5 day a week support on 4/7
~ 84 individual guest visits
~ 866 total guest visits with Health check each time
~ 828 meals served often breakfast & lunch so closer to 1600
~ 521 showers provided
~ Laundry access 220 times
~ Many connections to longer term support!
~ Care, Compassion and Community provided to ALL

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Message from our Bishop
July 1st is a special date for our churches, Please join Bishop Carcaño in welcoming our leaders for another year of service: Click here to view Bishops short message
Reminder: If you have not given your input for our reopening plan & ways we can continue to stay connected, please take 4 minutes to take the survey! Click here for Survey Email & Link