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The 2018 Soldier Sewing Crew!  
Kicking Off The New Year!

Yes, I realize that the New Year started five months ago!

But, Arlene, the quilter in the center, is back! She is our main "soldier quilter" and has just gotten back from recovering from shoulder surgery. She usually quilts around 50 quilts per year for the Soldier Program of the Bluffton Scrap Artists Quilt Club. In her absence Raggedy Ruth, on the left, has stepped in and quilted over 20 so far this year. Not shown is Sylvia, our second "soldier quilter".

The event for the day was to train Arlene and Ruth, on the right, on the operation of the Innova AutoPilot Mach 3 . The last time Arlene was here quilting, she was using our Statler Stitchers.

The Ruth "on the right" quilted up a soldier quilt during her learning exercise. She normally rents our machines for her personal use. She, too, has a vast experience longarming because she was a longarmer for us for 13 years.

They both were amazed at the improvements that the Innova provided. And, even though it was different than what they were used to, they found it easy to learn. When I asked Arlene how she liked it, she replied "I love it!" [I think she enjoyed the "Power Assist" on her newly-repaired shoulder, too!]
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