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The Birthing Center has been open for 1 year now. We've been blessed with birthing close to 50 new babies.

Covid has made life challenging, but thankfully, we were able to stay open and help many moms and babies.

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We are getting SO CLOSE to completion. Our Dream Center is over 3000 sq. feet of space for the children in our programs and community to receive hands on love and training.

We hope to set up a computer lab, library, tutoring center and so much more.

Several of the children in our sponsorship program received a goat this month. Goats produce protein filled milk, companionship and extra income for families for things such as medicine and food.

Sponsorship makes a difference in not only the children, but it helps the entire family.

There are still children in our program who could use a sponsor just like YOU.

Danielle raised over $1500 in a matter of days! She met our staff in Uganda back in July 2019 while volunteering her time as a photographer. Her love for those we serve in Uganda fueled her passion to raise funds to help keep our staff costs covered.

Because of donations like this and others, we have not had to lay off any of our Uganda team. This is a miracle in a time when so much is unknown.
The elderly in our community have LOVED having our teams visit. It's been a lonely time for most of them.

We recently help Fidelis plant a garden. He was so excited to know he'll have food soon. There is something about waking up each day and seeing the progress of your harvest.

We LOVE the elderly in our program. They are our HEROS.
Our medical center has been busy. The community is so thankful for our services but most of all our love.

The children in our program are all in the process of receiving medical check-ups.

Thank you for making this possible.
We are keeping our eyes open as Uganda begins to slowly open up it's international airport.

We can't wait to see the families and friends we love and miss in Uganda.

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