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Once we see something from a different point of view, we cannot un-see it. It changes our perspective, and we never see the same way again. Consider the astronauts who looked back at the earth from the moon; it amazed them how beautiful, yet how delicate, our planet truly is. Pictures of the “blue marble” hanging in outer space make us feel more united and moved to take better care of the earth and each other. Consider how people from a small town find it so much smaller after seeing a big city. Or how insignificant we feel when we look out at the vastness of the ocean or look down from the top of a mountain.


Several times, Jesus brought his disciples to mountaintops to see things differently. He took Peter, James, and John to the mountaintop and allowed them to see his transfiguration, after which he headed resolutely to Jerusalem, fully aware of the danger awaiting him.


In today’s Gospel, Jesus leads his disciples to the mountaintop and teaches the beatitudes, an entirely different point of view on suffering and discipleship than the worldly perspective. Blessed are those who are poor, meek, and mournful. Blessed are those who are merciful, clean-hearted, and make peace. Blessed are those who are insulted and persecuted. Suffering will not be the end for them, because they will be comforted, they will see God, they will be rewarded in the kingdom of heaven.


After hearing Jesus’ words, the disciples are reassured that following Jesus is worth the cost – that good will have the last word. We, too, can adopt this beatitude point of view and see our suffering and hardship in a different way. Saint Paul tells us that God chose the foolish of the world to shame the wise, and the weak of the world to shame the strong. We do not have to be the wisest person, or the strongest person; we do not have to be “something” in the eyes of the world for we are everything in the eyes of the Lord.


The love and grace we receive in the Eucharist is a foretaste of the fullness of joy in Christ we will one day know. Suffering is real and discipleship is not without risk, but through his word and sacrament, we are within sight of the kingdom. We know the beatitudes, and we see the blessings.



Fr. Tad



Safe Environment Training is mandatory for diocesan clergy, employees and active volunteers working with youth or vulnerable adults.  Safe Environment Training must be completed during the employee onboarding process or prior to volunteer participation. Training must be renewed every three (3) years thereafter for all clergy, employees and active volunteers. The VIRTUS® online training course – Protecting God’s Children – provides flexible accessibility and is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean languages. Volunteers and employees who serve in Homebound Ministries, bringing the Eucharist to the sick, or serve with vulnerable adults are required to take the combined training course – Protecting God’s Children & Vulnerable Adults – which incorporates the Protecting God’s Children training material.

Online training is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean languages. Please contact the Parish Office if you have any questions.


Virtus Online
Re-Certification Instructions


FROM 10AM – 12PM


Our lectors can renew their enthusiasm about their ministry and become more effective in their proclamation of God's word at our parish on Saturday, February 4th, from 10am – 12pm. 

The workshop led by Nick Nicholson will be inspirational and aiming at improving lector’s vocal skills so that they are effective proclaimers of God’s word.                                         


Please, reserve the date and make sure you come. Your participation in this training is required.


St. Anthony Building and Grounds Update

We had to replace another water pipe that stopped working after many years of service. The cost: $5,500


First Friday Adoration

February 3

Join us Friday, February 3 at 6:30 pm for Mass. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will begin immediately afterward and last until 7:00 am the following morning. All are invited to return to the church for the breakfast that will be served after the 7:00 am benediction. 

The Adoration Ministry is always looking for people who can commit to sitting with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for a particular hour. For more details, please use the QR code. If you are not able to commit to a certain hour, you are encouraged to drop in for adoration when you are able. 


3 MORE WEEKS to Sign-up for a pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey!

Will YOU Go? Contact Fr. Tad for more information

Upcoming Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends
When was the last time you did something really special together, just for the two of you? Make the time to enrich and renew your marriage on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. For over 50 years thousands of married couples of all ages have grown in their love and appreciation of each other. Local 2023 weekends will be held at St. Francis Retreat Center in San Juan Bautista, Feb. 24–26 and Sept. 29–Oct. 1. For more information or to register please go to or call Ken & Claranne at 408-782-1413

The 2023 Mass Intention Book

The 2023 Mass book is available and weekend Masses are filling up quickly

A very special prayer practice that is offered at every Mass is a Mass Intention. Intentions are offered for many reasons, for the living and the dead. Masses can be offered for birthdays, anniversaries, illness, special intentions and answered prayers. Consider remembering a loved one this upcoming year. If you are looking for a specific date for the Mass, call soon to reserve your date so that it isn’t taken. Contact Carmen at the parish office ~ (408) 997-4800; email us at 

A donation of $10 is suggested. 

A Friendly Reminder...


As Catholic Christians, our funeral and memorial celebrations enable the Christian community to mourn, as well as to hope by focusing on the mystery of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Please, first contact the Parish Office or Fr. Tad if you are planning a Funeral Mass or a Memorial Mass for a loved one at St. Anthony Church.

You will be provided with our necessary guidelines which are established to assist in effectively preparing the funeral rites with individuals and families.

Saturday Vigil Mass, Jan 28

"Little Church" Bertram Rd

4:00p.m. Mass

Sunday Mass, Jan 29

"Big Church" McKean Rd

8:30a.m. Mass 

10:30a.m. Mass 

Weekday Mass:

Tuesday - Friday


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