March 2020
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Public Health Program Manager
Jade-Ann Rennie
Know the Risks...
Please click here for an i mportant message from our Public Health Program Manager on COVID-19.

For more information on COVID-19 please click here .

Community of Practice
The Youth Development Community of Practice wants to hear from people who have attended at least one training or workshop. We would like to understand the impact of trainings provided and understand barriers that may have prevented people from attending with the intention to limit or remove barriers where possible. Please click here to participate in our survey. Your feedback will help us ensure that we meet your professional development needs and make trainings more accessible to you. This survey takes less than 5 minutes.


Community of Practice
workshop participants
MoCo ReConnect

MoCo Reconnect
Due to COVID-19, both MoCo ReConnect sites are closed. As a result, our GED and JRT courses have shifted to online instruction and video conferencing. Our hopes are that through this approach participants will continue to receive guidance in meeting their daily living needs and pursue education and workforce goals. Case Managers continue to be in touch with youth to ensure they have access to food and other essential services. 


SMYAL's virtual programming for LGBTQ youth creates online support spaces for young people who may be struggling to find community during this time. Youth do not need to be already connected with SMYAL to participate.  Click here for additional details and information. 

Excel Beyond the Bell
The Excel Beyond the Bell (EBB) Collaborative is rapidly working to support the families of all of our EBB participants. Stay tuned on for information and tools to support youth during this time.

Montgomery County Public Schools are activily providing up to date resources for all MCPS students. Please click here for the latest information on meal distribution, Chromebook laptop distribution, community updates and more.
Thank You
The Collaboration Council wants to take a moment out during this time to acknowledge those working at the forefront of this crisis. We applaud the efforts of the many front-line workers staffing the local hospitals and care facilities around the clock. We also want to thank the countless service providers working within the non-profit sector to support the communities they serve during this unprecedented event. 
The leadership displayed by these citizens along with our local elected officials in the creation of the Public Health Emergency Grant Program has served as a reminder of how great the collective human spirit is when called to respond to such a test.
These sacrifices, both collectively and individually, lay the groundwork for our path out of this event. 
We wish you all the best of health and well-being.