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for August 2, 2020
Challenge Week - Fun with Szeged UMC, Hungary

DID YOU KNOW that Bethlehem UMC is "In Ministry Together" (IMT) with Szeged UMC in Szeged, Hungary? We have been partnered with Szeged for many years and have been learning and growing in our faith together. But, it has been a while since we visited one another in-person. So, Szeged UMC has challenged us to a week of fun via Facebook starting next Monday, August 3. It is a way to get re-acquainted,
and for some new folks, to get acquainted for the first time.
Email Deb Broadwater for an invite to the
private Facebook group and join in on the fun!
Hope to Walk is a non-profit organization making, fitting and providing prosthetic legs and feet to amputees worldwide.  Children and adults in countries like Honduras, Haiti, Vietnam and Guatemala can use these low cost, lightweight prosthesis to function in their everyday lives.  Prosthesis that would cost from $5K to $25K are being made by Hope to Walk for around $100.

Last fall, Kurt Schoenburg and Chuck Neudorfer, with guidance, started making lightweight wooden shoes themselves as part of this effort. Most recently, Bethlehem, SML Lions Club, and Eastlake Church have partnered in supporting Hope to Walk through financial donations and manpower to restore a donated building in Blacksburg that will be the new Hope to Walk Headquarters.
Mission teams are currently traveling to Blacksburg every Tuesday to help with the building renovation. Would you like to help?
Email Rick Carroll or Glenn Claiborne to lend a hand.
Peanut Ministry supports Missions

The Peanut Ministry remains alive and thriving.  Don’t forget those tasty peanuts for friends, neighbors, house guests, etc. with free custom labels for case orders! (birthdays, anniversaries, graduation etc.)  Our proceeds from peanut sales go to missions through the United Methodist Men. Thanks for your support!
Call Charlie Walker 540-297-5511 to arrange for 24-hour pick-up.
Virtual Bible School is underway!
Check out what is happening on our VBS Facebook page .
Thanks for your ongoing ministry of prayer!

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The church office is closed at this time, but you can still reach us!
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