March 2020
The Importance of 
W E L L - B E I N G

The Florida Department of Education provided the directive for all school districts in Florida to close schools for the next two weeks due to concerns over the coronavirus.

While students are currently on Spring Break for the week of March 16th-20th, this means that students will be out of school until March 27th. As of today, HCPS's plan of action is to reopen schools starting Monday, March 30th.

Resources for Students :

W ifi Services
What if your mentee does not have access to the internet?  Through our partnership with Spectrum , we are able to provide free Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription at any service level up to 100 Mbps.
To enroll call  1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.
Wi-Fi hotspots across Spectrum's footprint will also be available for public use.
Food Services
During the week of March 23rd, our district will establish Grab-and-Go feeding sites across Hillsborough County Public Schools to ensure that students have accessibility to meals during this time frame.  Each location will start serving food on March 23rd at 9:00 a.m. and remain open until 1:00 p.m. daily. All emergency food services will end on March 27th at 1:00 p.m.  and students are only allowed to receive food one time  each  day, which will include both breakfast and lunch.  While we encourage parents and caregivers to drive to our locations, we will be accepting walk-ups.  Additionally, the Mayor's Office will open a few community sites that will allow our students to have accessibility to nutritional options as well.  These sites can be found on the city website located at  Our Student Nutrition Services Department has identified the following locations that will provide both breakfast and lunch to all individuals 18 years old or under:

Food & Nutrition School Sites:

Alonso High School
Hillsborough High School
Plant City High School
Armwood High School
Jefferson High School
Reddick Elementary School
Blake High School
King High School
Rodgers Middle School
Brandon High School
Lennard High School
Smith Middle School
Chamberlain High School
Leto High School
Spoto High School
Durant High School
Madison Middle School
Strawberry Crest High School
East Bay High School
Middleton High School
Wharton High School

Ideas for Self Care
Stress has been associated with a variety of high-risk behaviors, including smoking, suicide, depression, drug abuse, behavioral problems, and participating in high risk sexual behaviors. In addition, long-term exposure to stress is associated with a variety of chronic psychological and physical illnesses.  High-risk teens, or those who live in social disadvantage, may be at increased risk for illness related to chronic exposure to stress, discrimination, stigma, and a "harsh social environment"

Fortunately, there are several pathways to self-care, and none of them need to be difficult or take a lot of planning. Here are 6 types of self care ideas that you and your mentee can engage in: 

  • Breathe in fresh air & pay attention to your breathing.
  • Take a hot shower or a warm bath.
  • Cuddle with a pet.
  • Burn a scented candle.
  • Lie down where the afternoon sun streams in a window.
  • Listen to music.

  • Be a tourist in your own city.
  • Go to a garden.  
  • Watch a movie.
  • Make art. Do a craft or project.
  • Meditate.
  • Write in a journal.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Pray.
  • List five things you're grateful for.
  • Clean out a junk drawer or closet.
  • Take action (one small step) on something you've been avoiding.
  • Try a new activity.
  • Drive to a new place.
  • Make a list.
  • Read something on a topic you wouldn't normally.

  • Try yoga.
  • Go for a walk or a run.
  • Dance.
  • Stretch.
  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Take a nap.

  • Go on a lunch date with a good friend.
  • Calling a friend on the phone.
  • Participating in a book club.
  • Joining a support group.

Exploring Trade Careers Workshop

On Friday, February 7th HEF took a group of students on a Field Trip to Explore different Trade Career Opportunities in the Tampa Bay Area. We visited Coca-Cola, Feeding Tampa Bay and Sofwerx.  Students got to tour these awesome facilities and they learned about the many jobs available to them at each of the sites. 

We are very grateful to Coca-Cola Beverages Florida, Feeding Tampa Bay and Sofwerx for opening their doors and investing in our students!!

Seniors Only!

Laptop Contest

Is your mentee a Senior? Do they need a new laptop for college? Thanks to the generous donations of Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP, they can enter a contest to win one! 
In order to enter the contest, the student must write a 500-1,000 word essay. The prompt is: What failures have you experienced and overcome that have brought you one step closer to success?

Please click here to read the flyer and learn more about the required format of the essay and the contest overall. Also, keep in mind that this is a very common scholarship essay prompt. It would be a good idea for students to write it once, and then tweak it as they apply to other scholarships- just an idea!
  • Be a current High School Senior
  • Be accepted into College
  • Attend the Mentor Appreciation Party on Thursday, April 30th from 6:30-8:30PM (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!). This is when the laptop will be awarded to you!
  • Submit a signed Media & Photo release along with your essay.
  • See attached flyer for more information
Please submit your responses to Elisabet Rivera ( no later than Monday, March 30th 2020 via email.

Joan Khan
How did you become involved with mentoring through the Hillsborough Education
I worked at the Health Dept. in Plant City and they had monthly meetings in Tampa at a hotel,  where all the employees in Hillsborough County HD get together.  At one of those meetings (in 2002), a Ms. Pat Wharton, Mentor Coordinator at the time, and her team from Hillsborough Education Foundation spoke at one of our meetings and asked for mentor volunteers. I signed up to become a mentor that day.  After going to the orientation, I was very happy to see what TSIC was doing for our students in helping them to meet their goals- 18 years later, I am still mentoring!
What has been the most rewarding part of mentoring?
The most rewarding part of mentoring has been seeing and knowing Daniela from 9th grade- I can't believe she is already a junior. Daniela is a student that has high hopes and wants to achieve her goals, she is committed to earning a degree.  I am very thankful to have a student that will work hard until her dreams come true.  I will do my best to support her in everything she does.
What do you believe is the key to being a quality mentor?
To trust, to guide, to be a good listener and a good friend. You also need to be caring, responsible, patient and committed.  A good mentor is positive role model that helps their mentee achieve 
When you are not working with students, how do you prefer to spend your free time?
I work part time in a Doctors office,  Volunteering some of my 
time with different organizations. I also enjoy reading and traveling.
What do you hope your mentee will learn from you?
I hope Daniela learns to respect individuals and their ability to make their own choices in life.  I also hope she learns to listen and accept different points of view. I would also want her to recognize
 solutions and opportunities as well as barriers.  Lastly, I want Daniela to have a positive attitude and never give up.  WINNERS NEVER QUIT AND QUITTERS NEVER WIN!!  
Black Brown & College Bound

On Monday, March 9th the TSIC team along with 5 students attended the Black Brown and College Bound Luncheon in the Tampa Convention Center. 

Student's got to listen and learn from Journalist John Quiñones.  Combining a moving life story, an exceptional career, incomparable insights, and a powerful presence, John Quiñones has emerged as one of the most inspiring keynotes in the speaking world today. A lifetime of "never taking no for an answer" took Quiñones from migrant farm work and poverty to more than 30 years at ABC News and the anchor desk at 20/20 and Primetime.

Mentor Appreciation Party

The TSIC team wanted to take this opportunity to provide an important update regarding our annual Mentor Appreciation Party. Citi has generously supported this event for the last several years by hosting our mentors and students at their beautiful facility in Tampa - we are so grateful for their partnership!  Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak and as we all try to exercise an overabundance of caution in the interest of public health, we are not able to hold the Mentor Appreciation Party on April 30th at Citi. However, Citi is still generously supporting this event and assisting us as we look for an alternative venue. 

We are currently planning to reschedule the Mentor Appreciation Party to early June and look forward to celebrating the end of the school year with you all! As soon as the Mentor Appreciation Party is rescheduled, we will let you all know the details. Thank you for understanding! Please stay tuned for more information and updates.

Diversity Immersive Visitation Experience
Attn: Mentors with Juniors! 

If your mentee is a Junior they could qualify for a new program that USF is piloting. It's called Diversity Immersive Visitation Experience (DIVE). Juniors will get to spend 3 days at USF Tampa over
 the summer to explore campus life, get SAT prep help, college advising, etc.
Everything is included!

Applications are due by April 5th to

HCPS Teams Up With U.S. Census Bureau

Hillsborough County Public Schools has teamed up with the U.S. Census Bureau to make sure EVERYONE is counted. Based on data gathered by the census, $675 billion in U.S. government funds is distributed among states and communities. That money is crucial for our schools.

Read more about the sensus and what the money is used for here:

Source: HCPS
The College Success Team 
Director of TSIC
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Mark Your Calendar

Mar. 16-20th Spring Break/ Non-Student Days All Students
Mar 23-27th
All HCPS are Closed
*Hillsborough County is taking  pre-cautionary measures due to COVID-19*
All Students
Mar. 30th Students Return to School All Students
April 10th Non-Student Day All Students
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