AgLogic, Proven Maximum Performance
From the field to bottom line, see the unmatched performance of AgLogic aldicarb.
Growers rely on AgLogic aldicarb for superior pest protection.
Aldicarb gives the crop a healthier foundation from the roots up. - Ron Smith, Entomologist, Auburn Cooperative Extension
“As the seed treatments have been losing efficacy, aldicarb has been a ‘hands down’ better product when it comes to thrips control.”
Gus Lorenz
Extension Entomologist, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

“One of the many benefits of using AgLogic aldicarb at planting is we didn’t have to come back with a foliar spray.”
Todd Massey
President, Dollar Farm Products

“The peanuts treated with AgLogic came screaming out of the ground. This field was re-planted three weeks later than some of my other peanuts in other fields treated with Thimet, and they’re already bigger and stronger. The difference is night and day.”
Joe Cely
South Carolina Grower
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Achieve higher yields and increased profits with AgLogic adicarb.
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