"I Have a Dream Day!"
We are looking forward to Catholic Schools Week 2019! See below for more info and a schedule to help you prepare for one of the most enjoyable and celebratory weeks of the school year. 

We will be kicking off Catholic Schools Week by attending Mass next weekend in uniform (for a small reward of course) and opening our school doors widely to welcome new potential families to our school community. 

Please note the announcement in this newsletter regarding the new ParentsWeb parent portals. You will notice during the re-enrollment process that our tuition rate has increased for the 2019-2020 school year. This small increase will not only allow us to offer our teachers a small pay raise, but will also keep us more closely aligned with the other Catholic Schools in our area. Please make note of the financial aid opportunities made available to you, namely FACE and a parish subsidy. As always, please make known to us any financial concerns and we will do our best to help you in your situation. 

Have a great LONG weekend and God bless.
Mrs. Russo
You should have received an email yesterday about how to access your ParentsWeb account--our new online parent portal. Please follow the instructions and contact the school if you have any issues
as this is the first step towards online re-enrollment.

Please complete this process before Wednesday, Jan. 23rd as current families will receive notification regarding
Re-enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year in ParentsWeb.

More information coming soon on how to secure your spot for the 2019-2020 school year before we open enrollment during Catholic Schools Week to new families.
Next week at-a-glance:
Monday, Jan 21st-
Tuesday, Jan 22nd-
Wednesday, Jan 23rd-
Chix Teriyaki Dippers
Thursday, Jan 24th-
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Friday, Jan 25th-
Tangerine Chicken
Next week is the final week of our winter test session
...Gr. K-2

We continue week 3 of our second round of MAP Growth testing sessions this school year. Testing will be mainly in the mornings.
Please be sure to arrive to school on time and reschedule any potential doctor's appointments that could conflict with your child's testing schedule. Thank you!

Gala 2019...
Help us prepare for the largest fundraiser of the year! Donate to your class basket soon!

I Seek Your Face, O Lord.
~Psalm 27
Snow Days No More? ?

A new Structured Alternative Learning (SAL) Day plan has been put forth by the Diocese for piloting purposes this year, and may be adopted fully in years to follow! SFX will be taking part in the piloting of the program and are excited at the prospect! Click here to view the Diocesan outline and description, and stay tuned for details pertaining to our school specifically coming in the near future! Please Note: Our first snow day (if and when it happens) will simply be a snow day, not an SAL day!
We keep in prayer all those gathered in Washington, DC today for the March for Life (most especially the youth and members of our parish and school community).
We are thankful for their witness to be a voice for the voiceless.
Extended Care Club Schedule
After school ART LAB postponement announcement.. Our art teacher, Miss Alexander has decided to take a job closer to her home. Mrs. Benares Angeley, our after school ART LAB instructor, has accepted the opportunity to become a more permanent member of our school community. With this shift of employment, Mrs. Angeley will be postponing her after school offering until after our school auction! Thank you for your understanding, and for welcoming her to our school family!
MONDAYS- Mr. Robinson's Music Lessons (K-4) ; Boys' Instructional 3:15-4:15pm
WEDNESDAYS- Bay State Tumbling and Fitness Class
FRIDAYS - Girls Instructional Bball;
Catholic Schools Week is coming soon!
Please send in a 
"FAMILY SELFIE"   for our school display.   Email it as an attachment to 
Calling All Patriots!
Our preschool teachers are planning a Patriotic assembly honoring military heroes at 10am on the Tuesday of Catholic Schools Week 1/29. Families are welcome to attend this special event. 
**Please Note: If someone in your family is a military hero please forward a picture of them in uniform to our PS3 teacher’s email, aplante@sfxacushnet.com  with their full name and rank. The picture will be included in a slideshow during the event....and invite them to come!!
Volunteers willing to play on the Parent/Faculty Basketball team   on Saturday Feb 2nd, 5:30pm  for the showdown against the student CYO teams.
Please email 
if you are interested in being on the team this year...
it's a lot of laughs and a lot of fun!
Do you or someone you know live on a highly trafficked street in the area? Would you be willing to promote our wonderful Catholic School with a yard sign?  
If so, please  contact us   or stop by the office to pick one up! You are our best promoters!
Thank you for considering.
Refer a family to our school community:
The application process for the 2019-2020 school year has already begun! If you are a current recipient of FACE funding, you should have already received an email outlining the process for reapplication. If you foresee the need for tuition assistance for the 2019-2020 school year, you can access the FACTS application by clicking  HERE .
Note that the scholarship application for the 2019-20 school year must be completed and verified by FACTS by February 15, 2019 in order to be considered during the first round of scholarship awards.
This space will be used to request parental support and volunteerism at school!
I ndividuals willing to think of any connections they may have with businesses or organizations that might be willing to support our school. Gala committee members are working to secure as many sponsorships and/or donations for our major fundraiser of the year. Please click here to reply to this call for help!
Please continue to send your child with a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated even in the winter months. When the heat is on, the air is dry, and staying hydrated is important to staying healthy. Thank you!
All things fundraising....
Grocery card program began in September and continues thru May. Initial orders can be sent in on regular paper and in plain envelope and the pink grocery envelope will be sent home with the first set of gift cards.