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CP10 by PULS is the Smallest Form Factor for 240W Power Supplies

The PULS CP10 Series breaks all barriers for performance and size. Using the latest power supply technology with a sophisticated thermal design, this 240W DIN-Rail single-phase power supply series boasts a global input range, Active Power Factor Correction, and an unmatched efficiency rating of 95.2% in its power class. This unprecedented low level of heat generation allowed a 39mm width housing – a 35% reduction from the current 60mm width typical of most current 240W power supplies. 

One Battery to Rule Them All! “Single Battery Concept” for 24VDC UPS Systems

PULS introduced a line of 240W, 10A, 24VDC UPS controllers that only require a single 12V battery to back up a 24VDC load. This unique and innovative approach has many distinctive advantages over using two batteries in series. Since there is only one 12V battery, the issue of mismatched batteries is no longer a concern which allows more precise battery charging.

Superior battery management leads to a longer battery life and can lower maintenance costs by replacing fewer batteries. A step up converter amplifies the 12V from the single battery to a fixed regulated output voltage which is independent of the battery voltage. Constant output voltage during the entire battery event allows applications to run without problems due to no voltage drops.

High Reliability for a Low Price

With the new PIANO series, PULS-quality DIN-rail power supplies are now available for even the most cost oriented user. Through a fresh and innovative approach, the intrinsic properties of a PULS power supply (high reliability and long service lifetime) have now been introduced into a product that also has significant price advantages. PIANO prices are 20 to 40% below previous model prices.

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