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Check your mailbox for food waste prevention tips
The spring print edition of Recycling Update should have recently arrived at your home with information about preventing food waste and a handy produce storage guide.

Storing your produce properly ensures that your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh and delicious. Some other helpful storage tips include:

  • Prevent mold by waiting to wash berries until you're ready to eat them.
  • Store fresh herbs with the cut ends down in a glass of water, like flowers.
  • Dry or freeze fresh fruit if you don't think you'll eat it in time.

If we all reduce our food waste a little, it can add up to make a big difference!
Check out Eat Smart, Waste Less for even more great tips and tools.
Find upcoming collection events
Did you know that the Garbage and Recycling Day app can do more than remind you about your collection day? You can also find out about upcoming events in your area. Spring collection events for paper shredding, household hazardous waste, bulky waste and more are happening now, so don't miss out!

Enter your address into the online tool or app to find out:  

  • When the next hazardous waste round-up, shred event or tire collection event is scheduled.
  • What goes in the mixed recycling and what goes in the garbage.
  • Where to take items that can be donated or reused.
  • Which drop-off recycling centers in your area accept electronics, appliances, Styrofoam, plastic bags, etc.
Green business assistance available
Do you own or work for a business based in Washington County?* Our Green Business Leaders program is here to help your business become more sustainable. Our free assistance includes:

  • Fresh ideas for engaging employees on waste prevention, recycling and composting.
  • Free supplies, such as recycling and composting bins, bags and signs.
  • Assistance setting up new or improved recycling and composting systems.
  • Staff training.
  • Access to a Green Business Advisor, an expert coach dedicated to helping you meet your environmental goals.
  • Materials and assistance are available in English and Spanish.

Set your business apart! You'll save time, money and resources while supporting a healthy workplace and your community. Request assistance online , email us or give us a call at 503-846-3605.

*Assistance is available for all businesses in Washington County with the exception of those located within the City of Beaverton. Please contact the City of Beaverton at 503-526-2460 for more information on their Recycle at Work program.
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