As of today April 24, 2020, We are still temporarily closed until the Governor deems it safe for businesses to reopen.
Quarantine Check In
Before you begin reading this take a big breath in and slowly release it. Release your shoulders from your ears, unclench your jaw and remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Much better, carry on...
I think I can speak for most when I say that this quarantine is stirring up all of the emotions on the daily. Discomfort, fear, unhealed trauma, anxiety, depression and grief on top of navigating our personal relationships with whoever we are "safe at home" with or with ourselves. Worry and the uncertainty of what the new normal will look like. The weather has been cold and grey. Anyone else now have day time pajamas and night time pajamas? When you go to the grocery store every time you turn a corner it feels like you are at a haunted house. Do you even know what day it is anymore? Is your car getting 3 weeks to a gallon? I am about a week away from doing something drastic to my hair!

All of these disruptive lower vibrational energies I listed above I have felt on a daily and sometimes hourly basis every day since I temporarily closed my practice on March 13, 2020. Like many people I felt like this insidious nasty virus came and pulled the rug right out from under me. It forced me to close my practice in a time when people need nurturing and touch the most for their emotional and physical well being. It goes against every cell in my being to stay away. This August I will be in business for 17 years at the same location. I have seen most of my clients every week or month for the last 17 years and I miss each of you and your stubborn muscles. I have also been dealing with the struggles of being a small business owner and let me tell you first hand it has been an impossible shit show trying to get any loan/grant/financial help from the government. I know I will be more mindful of supporting every local small business I can going forward. I pray that this crisis shines the light on the broken pieces in our society and we will be able to facilitate some real change in the future.

I do believe that profound deep healing will come to those who are open to growing and learning in these dark difficult times. The tools needed to cope with those emotions are patience, acceptance, surrender, empathy, healthy habits, stillness and faith. I also feel the occasional xanax and bag of double stuffed oreo cookies are helpful.

However you are feeling right now is ok. Be gentle on yourself and others. Try to remember to not take things personally, everyone processes things differently. Do your part with complying to the social distancing guidelines. Reach out to a loved one. A simple thinking of you text can go a long way these days. I know if feels like a very lonely time but remember you are not alone, if you need help or have a family member in the metrowest area that needs help please contact me and I will do what I can. Don't be afraid to ask for help or to seek proper medical care if needed.

Wishing you peace and comfort today,
Christine Laughran Owner, LMT

Here is a happy picture from last month in Florida before it was the end of the world as we know it

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