Now that nearly everyone has access to a computer, could we possibly be turning from the rat race to the mouse race?
We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Jerry Spring, the lucky winner of our Cool Joke Challenge. Jerry will be receiving an LED cube kit complete with the matrix assembly jig and acrylic case kit. (Valued at nearly $110)

If you're just a little bit jealous of Jerry, you can get even by sending in your entry for the Workbench Challenge, which will greatly increase your chances of winning, since you have to enter to win. Even if you don't care about such things as prizes, here are 5 reasons you should still enter.

Selfless Reasons
  1. Help a newbie get started putting their bench together and embark on a fascinating and rewarding hobby.
  2. Share your expertise with others so they can gain valuable insight from your knowledge and experience.
Selfish Reasons (not judging)
  1. Add your name to our growing list of winners who have won stuff. (You would be the second since Jerry was first.)
  2. Show off your awesome workbench so others will see just how awesome you really are.
  3. Become a household name in the field of workbench technology.

Now that you have plenty of reasons to enter, go to the Workbench Challenge block below, get the details, then do it!   


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That's it, Enjoy!
Fender Champion 600 Amp
The Golden Age Of Electronics
For decades, the underlying assumption has been that everything electronic inexorably progresses to something smaller, faster, more powerful, and less expensive. Has the Golden Age of Electronics passed? Perhaps in some aspects of the commercial world. But as we enthusiasts go, we're making a golden age of our own.

RADAR And Electronic Warfare Fundamentals

Radar and Electronic Warfare (EW) are usually thought of as being very complicated and very secret. This article presents some of the fundamental concepts of radar and shows how EW develops from that.

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Here are some of the most asked questions about the Workbench Challenge!

Is it hard?  No
Will there be prizes?  Yes
If I win, will I be famous?  Yes   (wait, define famous... then No)
What are my odds of winning?  Good  (Odds go down significantly if you don't enter)
What if I don't have a workbench?  That sucks for you, but you can still enter Part 1.
Does it cost money to enter?  No
What exactly is the Workbench Challenge? See below.

Get The Details
7454 four-wide two-input AND-OR-INVERT (AOI) gate IC
Understanding Digital Buffer, Gate, and Logic IC Circuits - Part 5
All about digital mixed gate and special-purpose logic gate ICs such as programmable logic, majority logic, and digital transmission gate types.
  Read It Now!  
Inductance Meter
What The L Is It?
Check inductors quickly with a PIC-based meter you can build, that also measures frequency.
Read It Now!
Arduino Voltmeter
Smiley's Workshop 20 - Arduino Voltmeter
Serial Communications - Part 3
Let's build an Arduino voltmeter that displays ADC data on the PC using what we learned in the last two articles about C# .NET programming. This will be the last part of our mini series on serial communications between a PC and the Arduino.

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Programming Arduino - Getting Started With Sketches 
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Programming Arduino: Getting Started With Sketches

When it comes to Arduino, it seems like most people either love it or hate it. But for those who are still wondering what all the fuss is about, why not give it a try and see which side of the fence you fall on?

Since you have to start somewhere, this would be as good a place as any!

Check It Out!
  • Understand Arduino hardware fundamentals
  • Install the software, power it up, and upload your first sketch
  • Learn C language basics
  • Write functions in Arduino sketches
  • Structure data using arrays and strings
  • Use Arduino's digital and analog inputs and outputs in your programs
  • Work with the Standard Arduino Library
  • Write sketches that can store data
  • Program LCD displays
  • Use an Ethernet shield to enable Arduino to function as a web server
  • Write your own Arduino libraries
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