Carry Cheer Safety Forward!

Thank you for joining us this month!

Cheer Safety Is All Year Long

We've taken this month to kick off the new season by highlighting the successes we've all made in cheer safety as well as how to continue making improvements. Now it's time to make a plan to implement your safety program for the coming season!


Start with Education and Awareness!

Be sure that you and your coaching staff are knowledgeable about injury prevention. Stay up to date with the risk management, athlete protection, and concussion courses that are part of the USA Cheer Coach memberships.

Provide your parents and athletes with the training resources regarding concussions and athlete abuse and misconduct that we've shared this month. Involving all stakeholders creates an environment where athlete safety comes first.

Make a Plan

Create or review your Emergency Action Plan and include your athletic trainer and other school emergency personnel. Plan your new season's practice schedule to include spotting drills and a focus on fundamental skills. Create or update your athlete protection policies to include background checks and no one-on-one interactions between athletes and staff. Schedule your preseason baseline testing as part of your concussion protocols.

Put it into Practice!

Make safety a foundation of your program! Start your season with a focus on safety, involve your administration, athletic trainers, parents, and athletes in the safety program, and make sure that every decision made begins with athlete safety and you will have a successful year!

Stay tuned to our social media outlets throughout the year as we provide additional tips to help keep cheerleading safe!

Access National Cheerleading Safety Month resources at!

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