Cheers Senior Members!
If you have ever seen the TV show 'Cheers' you'll understand the following reference.

Norm Peterson is a character that goes to the bar called 'Cheers' everyday after work, sometimes even instead of work. His world revolves around the bar, as the opening song goes explains,

...Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came...

The writers of this sitcom emphasize the bar and the crazy things that happen to a cast of zany characters, but more then anything, they portray the caring and the closeness these people have for each other.

Our Senior Center is a reality that parallels that fictional world. At the end of the day, both "Cheers' and the Senior Center are places where friends gather. Like Cheers, we are a venue where everybody knows your name -- and everybody is glad you came. Corny, I know! But absolutely true.
Friends, we will be back in the center soon but as Norm is exhibiting, there is going to be a new normal.
In the next few weeks you will hear about specific logistics on how we will be reopening in different phases to keep everyone as safe as can be.

Please rest assured that The New Norm(al) is for everyone's protection and safety, and we will all get through this together.
On another note, many of you have called inquiring about the Senior Farm Market Voucher Program.

This program promotes nutritional health for seniors by providing them with locally grown fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. If your gross income is equal or less then 185% of the federal poverty guidelines you may be eligible. For example, in years' past, for a household of 1 the income eligibility was $23,606; a family of 2 it was $31,894. (These should be used as approximations as we have not yet received specifics this year.)

Because of COVID19 this program has been delayed but despite our building being closed, we have agreed to disperse the vouchers. If you received a voucher last year we will reach out to you when we a have more information on when we will distribute the vouchers. The vouchers this year are $30 for an individual and $60 for a couple.

If you think you might be eligible and did not receive it last year , please contact Darlene Dawson at
732.329.4000 x 7676
´╗┐or me at
732.329.400 x7682

My Best,

You may want to familiarize yourselves with on line shopping options. During the peak of the pandemic in NJ, it was near impossible to get a delivery or even a curb pick up from virtual shopping services. Should we have an upsurge of virus it might be helpful to be aware of this resource ahead of time.

Also, please know, we would NEVER allow any resident in town to be without food. Please take advantage of our food pantry or reach out to Dawn our social worker x7212 (on vacation until July, 13) or me, to confidentially discuss your needs.

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