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Saturdays, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
On the Riverfront at Scott Park
128 Larry Holmes Drive, Easton, PA

Free Parking - Rain or Shine - EBT Accepted

Kick back and start your holiday weekend with us. The river has a way of melting away the stress and the sight of all the gorgeous summer fruits and veggies reminds us that the world is still a pretty amazing place. And best of all our farmers and vendors will make sure you go home with everything you need for the perfect fresh & local 4th of July feast.  - Happy Independence Day!
Find us at Scott Park on Larry Holmes Drive from 9am-1pm | FREE PARKING IN MARKET LOTS

Dear Shoppers, Governor Wolf has mandated the wearing of masks in all public spaces.
As we fight the spread of Covid-19, masks and face coverings
are more important than ever as is maintaining 6' distance from other shoppers.
We're all in this together!
Cooking with the Seasons
A Taste of Summertime
Raspberry Ricotta Cake
This recipe from Epicurious calls for frozen berries, but we can only imagine how incredible it will taste with just-picked raspberries (Phillips Farm or Comeback Orchards), freshly made ricotta cheese (Raspberry Ridge Sheep Creamery) and pastured eggs (Apple Ridge Farm). Now that's a fresh and local dessert fit for the 4th of July!

Grown with Love
Fresh Produce, Plants & Flowers
Scholl Orchards
Life is a bowl of cherries
Say hello to the first sour cherries of the season this Saturday! Limited quantities, so if you have plans to bake a pie, arrive EARLY. Sweet cherries will be more abundant. In the veggie category you'll find zucchini for holiday grilling, cucumbers, snow and snap peas, broccoli, cabbage cauliflower, tomatoes and onions. And don't forget potatoes for a bangin' 4th of July potato salad!
Holy Cow Farm
Bouquets of sunshine!
This week Holy Cow Farm has more and more summer flowers in bloom and spring blooms are on the way out. It's the last week with lots of feverfew and lilies and more zinnias and snapdragons! This cool sunny bloom is called Bupleurum. Brighten your home for the 4th with a farm fresh bouquet! 

Pre-order here:
Phillips Farms
Hooray for blueberries!
It’s Blueberry time at Phillips Farms! Your Independence Day holiday won’t be complete without everyone’s favorite local treat. Blueberry season typically lasts 5-6 weeks, so we will have these amazing berries into August. Coming soon: Black Raspberries, Currants and Gooseberries!  

Veggies available this week: zucchini, cucumbers, green beans, squash blossoms, spring onions, spring garlic, garlic scapes, sugar snap peas (last of the season), rhubarb, radishes, greenhouse tomatoes, beets, leeks, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, arugula, mizuna, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, bok choy, fresh herbs and so much more.  

Credit cards accepted. Online ordering available at Choose Easton Farmers Market as your pickup location. $20 minimum order requested.
Cabbage Throw Farm
Stinky garlic & first sunflowers
It has been quite the stinky week at Cabbage Throw Farm. Garlic has been harvested and hanging wildly in the barn! It will be cured within the next month or so but until then, fresh garlic will be available. Also at market this weekend, Beets, carrots, kohlrabi, turnips, radishes, romaine, spring mix, butterchard, cooking greens, herbs and more, including the first batch of sunflowers! 

Need something red on your holiday table? 
Beet, Kolhrabi and Apple Slaw!
After peeling, shred your beets and kohlrabi. Cut an apple into small matchsticks. Mince Fresh Garlic and parsley and mix with citrus, a splash of apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with toasted sunflower seeds!

Comeback Orchards
Organic berries
This looks like the last week for organic strawberries from Comeback Farm. Malwina, a late, dark and sweet berry is proving itself to be a winner in the taste category. Red raspberries are starting to ripen, as well as some black raspberries, currants and gooseberries. Quantities will be limited. Organic ketchup for your July 4th cookout, hot, medium and mild organic salsa, and fruit butters will also be available.
Salvaterra's Gardens
Tons of tomatoes and first cukes
Tomatoes (cherry and slicing) are in abundance in the greenhouse and just waiting to to be picked and sliced for your holiday burgers and salads.

And new this week are cucumbers! You'll also find lettuce mix, arugula, red and green head lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss chard, green and nappa cabbage for slaws, fennel, carrots, scallions, and beets.

The Backyard Growers
Color your garden
Richard is all business when it comes to reporting on his weekly plant lline-up. Here you have it, pure and simple:

Black-eyed Susan, Gloriosa daisies, Denver Daisy, Dianthus, Gerbera, Lavender, Penstemon, Salvia: Blue Queen (perennial) Summer Jewel Pink (annual) and hardy perennial painted daisy (Pyrethrum

Individual pots of Angelonia, Begonia, Gazania, Red Vista Salvia, Snapdragon, Vinca,and caladiun

Herbs: Greek oregano, common mint
Primordia Mushroom Farm - Mushroom Musings with Jesse
I wanted to share a lovely recipe idea I came up with and executed much to the joy of my family. Last week I shared my meatless monday recipe for Portabella mushroom caps. Most days, though, we eat meat at our main meal. That being said- it's never just meat. As the mom of two growing boys (one that could probably out eat us both if given the chance) I nearly always find a way to expand the meat- so overall lowering the amount we are eating, while still keeping our tummies full and our pallets satisfied. This past week I was making pulled pork in the crock pot- how to expand? Here is what I did:

Pulled Pork Taco Tuesday!

Pork mixture:
2.5 lb bone in pork shoulder
8 oz bbq sauce of your choice
1.5 lb white trumpet (aka King oyster) mushrooms
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup balsalmic vinegar

Cole Slaw:
2 cone head cabbages
3/4 cup mayo
1 lemon
1tbs sugar
3 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste

Around 10 am I salted and peppered the pork and set it in the crock pot and added the water and vinegar. I set the crock pot to high and let it go for 5 hours.
At 3 pm I removed the pork shoulder and shredded it with two forks. I then grated the white trumpets on a cheese grater and added everything back to the pot with the bbq sauce. I turned the pot to low and let it go till dinnertime.

Separately, I shredded the cabbage, and added it to a bowl with the juice of 1 lemon, 3 cloves minced garlic, mayo, sugar, salt and coarse black pepper. I mixed it till it was consistent throughout.

I heated soft corn tortillas and served the pork in tacos with the coleslaw as the dressing. What a treat! Best of all- everyone ate a ton of mushrooms and the littles didn't even know!!
From the Creamery
Cheese,Yogurt & Butter
Haven Farmstead Table
Curd is the Word
It's been awhile since cheese curds have been available at EFM. Thanks to Haven Farmstead, they're back! Get some fresh curds and fromage blanc for your weekend snack tables!! Be sure to try Steve's cultured butter - it will take your sweet corn to a whole other level. Pre-order online at:

Raspberry Ridge Creamery
Ricotta, yogurt and more
Rob is featuring sheep milk Ricotta and his ever popular Markjego cheeses this week. Tip: the ricotta is perfect for stuffing squash blossoms! Also look for Brebis Blanche in four flavors: White Truffle, Cinnamon & Honey, Apricot & Sage and Original. And don't forget the rich creamy sheep yogurt - it pairs perfectly with Lakeside Maple Trail Mix!

Sweet and Savory
First Cherry Pie of the Season
For the Fourth of July market, Pie+Tart is offering up traditional flavors and some regional nods: Cherry Pie makes its first appearance of the summer, along with a Dutch Apple Pie, the super fruity Bumbleberry Pie, and a rich Chocolate Fudge Tart with Marshmallow topping. From south of the Mason Dixon line, a luscious Heirloom Tomato Pie and a cheesy Cornbread Topped BBQ Chicken Pot Pie. And of course, Turnovers, Mini Pies, and a surprise or two!  

Check their website for frozen items available for preorder and pickup Saturday between 9am and 1pm.
Little Miss Korea
Dumplings & Korean pancakes
Lo will feature Hotteok this week! This filled & pressed Korean pancake is made with a simple yeast risen dough.

This week's stuffings:
Almond Honey
(Roasted Almonds, Honey(stagecoach), brown sugar & cinnamon)

Shiitake (Primordia) & Spinach 
(with onions, cabbage, sesame seeds, and sesame oil)

Lo will also offer ready-to-eat chicken dumplings & vegan spinach shiitake dumplings!

From the Pasture
Meat, Eggs (and More)
Apple Ridge Farm
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!
Happy 4th of July from Apple Ridge Farm!
Stop by and pick up one of their delicious pasture raised whole chickens to spatchcook on the grill. Not familiar with the brilliant technique of spatchcooking? Read more here.
Breakaway Farms
Up your Burger Game!
Team Breakaway has you covered with all the grilling and smoking meats you'll need for your Holiday cookouts! For the grill you can find Steaks,
Chops, Sausages, Specialty Burgers, and Chicken. P.S. My family went crazy over the bacon cheddar burgers during a recent trip to the shore!

For the smoker Breakaway has Whole Packer Briskets, Roasts, Pork Ribs, and More! You can't go wrong when you start with the highest quality meats! Also, don't forget that they are making the Blueberry Thyme Sausage only for the month of
July and there are still a few Black n Bleu Sausages hanging around. Come see your farmers this week and don't miss all these goodies!
Local Beverages - Fermented | Crafted | Roasted
Tolino Vineyards
Summer Sangrias & Spritzers
The market is bursting with fresh berries right now - from blueberries to raspberries, it's the perfect time to make Sangria or a refreshing white wine spritzer.

Chardonnay - $19.99
Pinot Grigio - $14.99
Lilly - $14.99
The 050 - $11.99
Fuzzy. - $14.99
Mamas Rose - $11.99
Next Generation - $11.99
Papas Red - $14.99
For the Body
Herbal Soap & Skin Care
Teels Hill Soapworks
Handcrafted with natural ingredients
Red, white and blue. Teels Hill's Cinnabar soap is reddish brown in color and a blend of cassia and cinnamon, blue has gotta be Susan's Clarity, a blend of clarity sage, lavender and rose geranium scents this one. For white soaps, Eucalyptus or Summermint are nice choices.
This Week's Guest Vendors
Located in the Park Area near the Larry Holmes Statue
Neil's Sharpening Service

Bring your knives, scissors,garden loppers, garden shears, rotary lawn mower blades, reel mower blades, hair clippers, animal clippers, axes & hatchets, planes, drill bits,circular saw blades, chain saw chains (and the list goes on) to EFM on Saturday.

See pricing at:
Brady’s Botanicals™ 

Federal and State compliant Whole Plant Full Spectrum Hemp Oil company based in beautiful Bucks County.

All products are USA grown using organic farming practices. 
Always non-GMO, vegan, containing zero herbicides or pesticides.

The Bubbly Goat

The Bubbly Goat farm is an is where magic happens. Barbara & Joy Leone’s herd of dairy goats turn sunshine and green grass into clean and pure milk. They take that beautiful milk and turn it into soap and lotion. They only use pure and fresh milk that doesn’t travel far – it goes from pasture to product right on their farm in beautiful Hunterdon County NJ.

How to Get to the Market's FREE Parking Lots:
Since Larry Holmes Drive is closed to traffic during the market hours, you'll need to access the parking lots at Ferry & Second Streets (turn right off of Ferry St., just past the US Post Office), or via Green and Northampton Streets (turn at the Grand Eastonian Hotel). Signs are posted.

FREE parking is also available in the City's Pine Street Garage.
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