Ooey gooey cheese. Serve in a fondue, raclette or throw a wine and cheese party!
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Gather around a Raclette grill 

Inviting friends over to share the joy of raclette cooking is a time honoured tradition in Switzerland and the idea is rapidly spreading around the rest of the world. Sharing stories over drinks while creating personalized dishes is an activity everyone will enjoy; and you'll be cooking with your friends, not for them.
The Swissmar Raclette Grills are heated by an electric element, which simultaneously cooks the food on the top grill and melts cheese on the trays below.
Swissmar Classic Raclette

This eight person raclette features a 1200 watt element and has an adjustable temperature control. It is available in a variety of grill tops.

$160.00 stone grill top
$150.00 cast iron grill top
$140.00 non-stick grill top

Swissmar Raclette Matterhorn

This eight person raclette features a 1200 watt element and has an adjustable temperature control. It is available in a variety of grill tops.


Swivel Raclette

Here's a twist to our superior raclette line up with this Swivel Raclette. Go beyond a memorable meal and unfold this unique raclette up to 180˚. Place it on the counter top and make it a part of every entertaining occasion.


Chalet Cheese Fondue

If you were to go to Switzerland and have "la fondue" you would be enjoying a cheese fondue and nothing else. Here is an authentic Swiss fondue set for an authentic Swiss experience. Cheese fondue is a traditional Swiss dish, fun to serve and enjoyable to eat.
Take part in a tradition that never gets old!


La Swisse Cheese Fondue

This 9 piece ceramic cheese fondue set includes a 9 inch red ceramic fondue pot, a traditional wrought iron rechaud, six heat resistant 11 inch stainless steel 3 tine fondue forks with dark wood handles and an 8 hole fondue burner. The ceramic 2.8 quart pot is made with authentic Swiss clay. It is safe to use on a cook top, in the microwave and in the oven. It has a fondue fuel burner.


Swissmar Lugano Fondue

Here is a traditional-style cast iron cheese fondue set. The cast iron pot has an enameled inside for easy clean up. Use the pot on all cooking surfaces and keep warm on the wrought iron rechaud. Dip bread pieces in the melted cheese until your heart's content. 


Swissmar Biel 11 piece Copper Fondue Set

Enjoy your fondue party with this beautiful 11 piece fondue set. Heat the oil or broth and add it to the fondue pot, where it can maintain a good temperature to cook meat and vegetables. The pot is a copper-plated stainless steel with a trendy hammered mirror finish.


Swissmar Lausanne 3 in 1 Copper Fondue Set

If you are unsure of what type of fondue you'd like to have then this 3 in 1 is a great bet. It is ideal for meat, cheese or chocolate. The set includes a ceramic pot for the chocolate and cheese fondue parties and a stainless steel pot for the meat/veggie dishes. The copper accents keep this fondue set on trend for 2018.


Everyday Fondue Recipe Book and Raclette Recipe Book

Colourful book with fondue party ideas, side dishes, drinks, a variety of fondue recipes, and fondue equipment guide. Everything is done right at the table and your guests all participate in cooking their own food.


Swiss Fire Gel Cans 3x80g 

The Swiss Fire Gel formula is base primarily on ethanol, reducing the risk of explosions, fumes, smells and/or irritations. Easy and safe to use, your fondues will burn longer than with regular alcohol. The Gel is ideal to use in fondue fuel burners, for lighting open fires and charcoal-fueled BBQs.


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