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The Oldways Cheese Coalition inspires people to embrace the joys of the old ways of eating traditional cheeses in healthy amounts. 

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The Supreme Panel of the World Cheese Awards chose The Best Cheese in the World in Norway during October. They selected Fanaost, an aged gouda made by Norwegian cheesemaker Jørn Hafslund. His dairy, Ostegården, is less than 20km from the city of Bergen. His farmstead production has 12 cows and two employees.

Several U.S. made cheeses were also awarded top honors, including Everton Premium Reserve by  Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese,  Fromage Blanc and  Midnight Moon made by Cypress Grove. For a full list of trophy winners, visit the Award’s  results page

Do you experience challenges that impact your production process?
As part of her work in the Wolfe Lab at Tufts University, Dr. Megan Biango-Daniels is conducting a short anonymous survey of artisan and farmhouse cheesemakers. The survey will identify quality issues cheesemakers deal with during production. 

The findings will highlight the resources needed to address the identified problems.  Please take the survey so that your concerns and experience can be included in the research! 
The holidays bring so many temptations, it can be easy to forget about our daily veggies! Here is a simple idea to incorporate nutrient-rich spinach to your diet. 

This  Spinach with Raisins recipe includes flavorful Parmigiano Reggiano, and is easy to make quickly. 

Get a behind the scenes peek into the crafting of Parmigiano Reggiano!  
Monti Trentini is a third-generation family cheese producer in the Trentino/Veneto region of Italy. Established in 1925 in the Dolomites mountains, this traditional producer makes some of the best well know cheeses from the region. Including an Asiago DOP, a Grana Padano DOP, Provolone Valpadana DOP, Lagorai, Malghe di Vezzena, just to name a few. These name-protected cheeses are made under strict quality control standards and in this way maintain the culinary heritage of the region.
They have a firm commitment to environmental stewardship. They protect the local community of farmers and the mountain environment, by sourcing only locally. The company ethos is to keep the old traditional processes and rules while integrating technology that would allow them to become more environmentally friendly. The dairy has sustainable practices like the production of their own electricity and recycling the thermal energy produced by their cold storage, as well as operating a purification plant to reduce the amount of waste sludge. Another integral part of the business and a way to maintain the family’s heritage in the area, is to continue to use a production facility in the town of Enego with milk from cows living and grazing in the Sette Comuni plateau.

You can visit Monti Trentini with Oldways!  Join us in April 2019 for our next Culinaria to Italy . This divine culinary tour of the Veneto region will take you to Monti Trentini and other wonderful food producers. 

You can find their cheeses in many U.S. stores and supermarkets.  Learn more about Monti Trentini cheeses and history on their website
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