Fall 2021
Pear-fection Cheesecake Winner
Cheesecake is a beloved dessert around the world, so we invited culinary school baking and pastry instructors to get creative with naturally sweet and delicious U.S. grown canned Bartlett pears and enter our Pear-fection Cheesecake Recipe Contest. There were so many creative entries! First place winner, Sheila J. Begay from Navajo Technical University, surprised us with her sweet and savory Pear & Green Chili Cheesecake with Pine Nut Crust.
Meet a Pacific Northwest Pear Grower!
Chris Morton
Yakima, WA
Q: What’s the history of your farm?

A: My great grandfather purchased the land in 1917 and he raised cattle. It wasn’t until 1955 that he and my grandfather planted their first pear orchard. I started working in the orchard during the summer when I was 10 or 12 years old, and by the time I turned 15 I was almost working full time during the summer months, and here I am today, 39 years later. My son also helps on the farm today.

Q: What makes your farm unique?

A: Our orchard is in West Valley on a slope with Northern exposure where the temperatures are cooler and the soil is deep. In our growing region pear trees produce a smaller sized pear that’s ideal for canning, about 2-1/4 inches in diameter across the widest part of the pear. My pears are all canned.

Q: How many acres and what pear varieties do you grow?

A: Pears represent 75% of the tree fruit that we grow, on 150 acres. Two-thirds of our pears are Bartletts and the other third is the Anjou variety. We’ve been growing these same two varieties since 1955. We’ve experimented with other varieties, but these are the varieties that thrive on our land.

Q: What do you look for when you walk through your pear orchard?

A: I walk through our orchards, all year long, looking at the vigor of our pear trees, and it takes time before it becomes second nature to “know” when something’s not right and also to see when something is perfect. We watch for pests and blight early in the season and then once the fruit sets, we keep an eye on how the fruit is ripening. Of course, unexpected weather changes, such as cold snaps, prompt growers to inspect their trees as needed.
Pear-licious K-12 Recipe Ideas

Simply layer the ingredients and bake this pear-licious flatbread (or pizza). Thanks to Crystal Tipton from Ballinger Independent School District, Ballinger, Texas, for sharing this recipe that’s got lots of kid appeal!

Get Creative with Canned Pears!

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Protein-Packed Pear Pancakes

Keep the momentum from Better Breakfast Month going all year long with our naturally sweet, delicious and versatile canned Bartlett pears in these whole grain pancakes.

December is National Pear Month

Start planning now to celebrate U.S. grown canned pears, the farmers who grow them, and the canners who preserve the delicious flavor of ripe Bartlett pears grown in the Pacific Northwest.