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  • Passports to Adventure
    Kenya Giraffes

    Adventures in the Green Season
    Whether traveling to Southern Africa or to East Africa the green season is a time of verdant and blooming vegetation, beautiful light for photography, snarling-happy lions and smiling faces all-round.

    For the price conscious traveller, this is an exceptionally good season for travel with special pricing abounding on airfares and ground fares!

    For sample tours & specials, see:
    Botswana Zambia Summer Spectacular
    Classic Namibia Summer Spectacular

    News you can use
    Botswana Mokoros

    Botswana border checking yellow fever certificates
    Due to a recent outbreak of yellow fever in Angola and DRC among others, Botswana Ministry of Health is ensuring that all visitors to Botswana coming from the countries listed below, are required to have been vaccinated against yellow fever. Please advise clients to carry their yellow fever certificate with them when visiting Botswana - failure to do so may mean they are denied access to Botswana.

    Uganda Launched e-Visa
    On 1st June 2016, Uganda launched a new e-Visa application system. Guests requiring a visa will now have to apply online prior to entering the country.

    New Flight Route
    Kenya Airways has launched a new route from Nairobi to Cape Town, via Livingstone. This new flight will revolutionize travel across Africa and open new doors for unique safari itineraries in East and Southern Africa.

    Tanzania VAT Introduced
    The government of Tanzania has decided to start charging VAT on elements of tourism packages which were previously exempt, including transportation costs and Park Fees. The new rules will come into force on 1 July 2016 and our rates may change as a result. Please contact our reservations team for more information.

    Airline Announcements
    Lite Aircraft flight

    Safariline offers net and commissionable fares to Africa in Economy and Business Class.

    We are well versed in difficult itineraries and know the carriers, airports and best routes to get your clients to their destinations conveniently and competitively, on some of the worlds most trusted airlines.

    The ever changing world of ...

    With long beach strewn coastlines, romantic islands, African and European cultures, a hinterland full of mountains, soda lakes, and incredible wildlife, Kenya is a veritable treasure for travelers. Come visit the country where "safari" was born. Gaze in wonder at the snows of Kilimanjaro, the Greatest Migration on earth across the Maasai Mara and experience the excitement of Africa's dramatic landscapes, rare wildlife species, mountains, forests an lush savannahs.

    Classic Kenya Driving Safari
    10 Nights / 11 Days
    Accompanied by a professional guide who knows their 'backyard' intimately with expert knowledge on everything from the Big Five to Kenya's most rare floral species. Meru to Loisaba to Nakuru and on to the Mara, journey to spectacular locations, at the best boutique lodges and camps on a journey of dramatic scenery, outstanding wildlife viewing, delicious meals and picture-perfect sunsets that create memories of a Safari of a lifetime!

    Check it out: Classic Kenya Driving Safari

    Loisaba Star Bed Expedition
    5 Nights / 6 Days
    This expedition takes you to the heart of the wild Loisaba Conservancy with its abundant wildlife. Begin your adventure at the main camp, with a journey to each star bed location spending each night under the endless African night sky, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bush. A fabulous family experience.

    Check it out: Loisaba Star Bed Expedition

    For Your Family Travelers...
    10 nights / 11 days
    This journey delivers the ultimate private luxury experience for family and friends. Spend the first half of your visit discovering the intrigue and adventure of the bush with just you, your loved ones, and your personal staff while at exclusive Ol Jogi. Then make your way to Thanda Island - your own private island escape off the coast of Tanzania.

    Check it out: Family Bush & Beach Escape

    Did you know ...

    With nine recognized subspecies, leopards have the largest distribution of any wild cat, occurring widely in Africa as well as eastern and southern Asia? South Luangwa is one of the world's best places to see these beautiful predators, but leopard populations elsewhere are declining in large parts of their range. They are threatened by habitat loss, pest control and illegal hunting for their pelts.


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    As our name suggests, Safariline is committed to creating the perfect custom designed tour for your individuals or groups to Africa. Our experienced staff, have sold Africa for over 25 years and know the destination intimately. Our hallmark is quality and superlative service with caring attention to detail. We provide itineraries with exhilarating entries to the most renowned and less known wildlife and botanical sanctuaries in Africa.

    Our product line includes:
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    -Scheduled Tours with set departures, escorted and unescorted for East & Southern Africa and the Islands of the Indian Ocean

    -Custom Designed FIT's tailored to meet your clients' interests and budgets.

    -Group Programs: All blocked group departures include 100 flyers with your name and logo printed to send to your mailing list, and electronic copies for website/social media distribution. We will be happy to make presentations to encourage participation.

    -Various Special Interest escorted Safaris by our staff and professional photographer

    If you have a group of 10 or more, contact Safariline for custom designed itineraries offering free tour conductor, presentations, promotion specials and great rates!

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