Winter 2017 | Edition: 2
Happy Holidays from the CCB Family!
Dear Friends,

We are excited to bring to you the second issue of ChemConnections , the Holiday edition! There have been many accomplishments that we are excited to share with you in this edition.

I am hoping to stay in contact with you, our alumni. A special occasion is coming up next year - IUPUI is turning 50! This is quite a milestone from its beginning on 38th Street. The campus continues to grow and new students come in with new energy and enthusiasm. The core values remain the same, and you are at the heart of them. Please take part in the celebration. After all, this is your university and because of your success, IUPUI and the department are successful.

We are always interested in learning about your whereabouts. Reach out with updates to Kitty O'Doherty or connect with us on social media. You will always be a part of the CCB family! We hope to see you on campus soon.

Happy Holidays!

Partha Basu, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
IUPUI International Impact
What does the IUPUI Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology have in common with Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, India, and Sri Lanka?

The answer is: the Department has attracted a graduate student (in the case of China, two students) from each of these countries. These students work in the laboratories of various IUPUI faculty members performing experiments in order to complete a Ph.D. In some cases they will complete their degree here at IUPUI, and in other cases they will return to their native countries to obtain their terminal degree.
Voice of Alumni: Tom Eckrich
Tom Eckrich began his college career as an accounting student at Marian University, coming to IUPUI in the summer of 1976 to fulfill an elective credit. That summer he took C105, and failed his first exam. With support from Professor Gordon Fricke, he finished the course strong and started developing an interest in chemistry. By his sophomore year, his passion in chemistry was cemented when assisting in research in Professor Marty O'Donnell's lab.

Today, he is the Founder and Principal of Eckrich Consulting Services, a company he began after accepting early retirement from Eli Lilly.
Remembering Jay Siegel
Jay A. Siegel, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology from 2008 to 2012, passed away on September 25, 2017, in Mt. Arlington, New Jersey.

“We owe Jay’s leadership for the growth of the department and that of the FIS program. From what I know, he was a friendly family man with integrity and a leader who was willing to take risks for a greater good,” said Partha Basu, Chair of Chemistry and Chemical Biology.
Chemistry Bulletin Board: News from Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • William Scott was named a collaborator with University of Havana to study neglected diseases
  • John Goodpaster received the National Institute of Justice Award
  • Pratibha Varma-Nelson received the George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education and was named a Fellow of the American Chemical Society
  • Frederique Deiss received the National Institute of Justice Award
  • Nicholas Manicke received a NIH R21 grant
  • Rajesh Sardar received a NSF EAGER grant
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