Spring 2018 | Edition: 3
Science Graduates in Cap and Gown
Dear Friends,

We are excited to bring to you the Spring 2018 edition of Chemistry Connections ! I am delighted to tell you that this Spring we graduated another great class of chemistry students (29 B.A., 15 B.S., 1 M.S. and 1 Ph.D.). Some of these students are going to higher studies including professional schools, while others are entering the workforce. We wish them success.

The quality of our students remains impressive. This year nine chemistry students were recognized among the IUPUI’s Top 100 undergraduate students, and among these students 19 of them are either current or former Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL) leaders. Ms. Priya Dave, who accompanied Dr. Bill Scott to Cuba, was recognized as the most outstanding student of IUPUI, and she was a PLTL leader in Chemistry. You will find a more detailed story about the Cuba connection in this issue. One of our students, Christina Skaggs, was recognized as one of the top 50 graduate students at IUPUI. Another graduate student, Greta Ren gave an impressive press conference at the ACS Spring National meeting at New Orleans. Thanks to your generosity many of these students received scholarships orawards.

The department continues to change and grow. We have hired Dr. Ian K. Webb from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory who will be joining us in the Fall. Our faculty continues to thrive in scholarship, teaching, and service. At the ACS National meeting, Professor Pratibha Varma Nelson received the Pimentel Award, and there was a full-day special symposium dedicated in her honor. Among the other notables, Professor David Malik retired after 38 years of service. In this issue, you will find descriptions of faculty and student awards.

I am also pleased to tell you that the planning for a new science building is underway, and in the new building, organic chemistry laboratories will be relocated. This is going to be a busy and exciting time.

As I mentioned to you before, a special occasion is coming up - IUPUI is turning 50! This is quite a milestone from its beginning on the 38th Street. The campus continues to grow; new students come in with new energy and enthusiasm. The core values remain the same, and you are at the heart of them. Please take a part in the celebration. After all this is your university, and because of your success, IUPUI and the department are successful. Please feel free to reach out with updates at czinski@iupui.edu or connect with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @ChemIUPUI.

Partha Basu, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
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David Malik Retires
David Malik served the School of Science for many years as a professor of chemistry, Chancellor’s Professor, and as the department chair. IU recognized his talents when they asked him to serve as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the IU Northwest campus. He occupied that role for five years. He reflects on the many lessons learned in his long tenure.
Distributed Drug Discovery (D3) Takes its Global Collaboration to Cuba
Students and professors throughout the world (Poland, Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic, and Kenya) have participated in discovery of drugs for neglected diseases. This project is now being taken to Cuba.
Keith Anliker receives the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
Teaching large undergraduate classes filled with a variety of majors is not the way to get good teaching evaluations. Yet Keith Anliker still received IUPUI’s highest teaching award.

Photo by Liz Kaye, IU Communications
The Voice of a Chemistry Alumnus
Robin Polt was a student of Dr. Marty O’Donnell when Dr. O’Donnell first began his tenure at IUPUI. Working with Dr. O’Donnell had a profound impact on Robin, leading him to earn a Ph.D. at Columbia University on an NSF grant, on to Zürich, Switzerland for postdoctoral studies, and finally on to Arizona where he is now a full professor.
Ren at ACS Press Conference
As a result of a poster presentation on the identification of ‘designer’ drugs taken by overdose patients, Greta Ren, a Ph.D. student working with Dr. Nicholas Manicke, was invited by the American Chemical Society to hold a news conference in New Orleans.
School of Science Awards and Honors
  • Graduate Dissertation Scholar: To outstanding graduate student during final year of dissertation research
  • Sara Dille & Breanna Mintmier
  • Patricia A. Boaz Award: Highest academic achievement in the B.A. program
  • Emily Sampson
  • Loren T. Jones Award: Highest academic achievement in the B.S. program
  • Katelyn Schmitt
  • Frank J. Welcher Award: Graduating senior with the most outstanding professional promise
  • Ibrahim Kahn
  • Theodore W. Cutshall Scholarship: Completed and excelled in organic chemistry research
  • Huiwen Yang
  • American Institute of Chemists Student Research and Recognition Award: Outstanding senior majoring in chemistry or biochemistry
  • Theresa Nhu Lai
  • Loren T. Jones Memorial Scholarship: Summer research stipend to a continuing undergraduate student
  • Anthony "AJ" Huls
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Award
  • Eric Hutson
  • Scott Alan Kent Memorial Scholarship: To promising sophomore or junior chemistry major
  • Gabriel Coleman
  • Bonner-Ferguson-Kelley Scholarship: Demonstrating outstanding work ethic and effective contributor to the department’s mission
  • Rose-Lynn Gilmore
  • Rich-Keller Elementary Chemistry Scholarship: To students who excel in elementary chemistry lecture and laboratory courses
  • Trent Bensheimer & Selena Santos
  • CRC Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Outstanding student in the freshmen chemistry courses
  • Isra Haider
  • Varma-Nelson Peer LeaderScholarship: To recognize outstanding undergraduate students in the School
  • Alexander Heymann & Daniel Godfrey
  • Women in Science Scholars
  • Jennifer Bendickson, Nina Beyfuss, Olivia Johnson, Maggie Stinnett & Mackezie Whetro

School of Science Faculty & Staff Awards
  • Partners in Education Full-Time Staff Award: Wai-Ping Kam
  • Lecturer Service Award: Tamiko Porter
  • Trustees Teaching Award: John Goodpaster, Gina Londino-Smolar & Lin Zhu

IUPUI Campus Awards
  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching: Keith Anliker
  • Glenn W. Irwin, Jr. M.D. Experience Excellence: Tamiko Porter
  • Prestigious External Awards Recognition (PEAR): Pratibha Varma-Nelson
  • William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion: Priya Dave, Victor Olafusi & Emily Sampson

The school of Science had 41 science students in the IUPUI Top 100! Nine of those were chemistry majors.

  • Chemistry Majors: Ian Burke, Alex Heymann*, Olivia Johnson*, Ibrahim Kahn*, Theresa Lai*, Rebekah Renolds*, Emily Sampson*, Maggie Stinnett, Shelbie Walker*

*Notes a current or former PLTL leader
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