December 2018 | Vol. 4
Dear Friends,

We are excited to bring to you the Fall 2018 edition of ChemConnections !

Earlier this semester, Dr. John Lechleiter, former CEO of Eli Lilly, visited our department and gave a seminar. He was very impressed with our students, and we are proud of them. Last year our undergraduate enrollment increased more than 6 percent and this year our enrollment saw a slight increase. This means IUPUI is a preferred choice for more and more students. This year we hosted a departmental recruiting event: Chemistry Day. We have created a video for this event highlighting the department, and we will post this video online soon (please visit the departmental site periodically).

In my last communication to you, I mentioned hiring Dr. Ian Webb as an assistant professor. He has joined the department and is in the process of setting up his laboratory. He has already attracted two graduate students in his program and his mass spectrometer is already here. This is an exciting time for him and for the department.

I am very pleased to inform you about several new grants coming in the department. Dr. Rajesh Sardar received funding on a collaborative proposal to the National Institutes of Health and a grant from the National Institute of Justice. Dr. John Goodpaster also received funding from the National Institute of Justice. One of our graduate students, Ms. Courtney Cruise received a graduate fellowship from the National Institute of Justice. Courtney previously received the University Fellowship. A current Ph.D. student, Mr. Brandon Bills received the same graduate fellowship from the National Institute of Justice.

You are at the heart of this department. Because of your success, IUPUI and the department are successful. Please feel free to reach out with updates at or connect with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter .


 Professor and Chair
Dr. John Lechleiter on Science and Leadership: One Chemist's Story
On September 5, our regular Wednesday afternoon seminar was honored to host the recently retired Eli Lilly and Company chairperson, president and CEO, Dr. John Lechleiter who spoke on Science and Leadership: One Chemist’s Story.
New Science building coming soon!
Last December, the Board of Trustees of Indiana University unanimously approved construction of a new Science and Engineering building at IUPUI. This 100,000 square foot Multidisciplinary Research and Classroom Building is expected to address the growing needs of programs in the School of Science and the School of Engineering and Technology.
The Voice of a Chemistry Alumnus
Over thirty years ago, Mary Tecklenburg and her fiancée Ron, later husband, studied in our then-emerging department before the Ph.D. program existed. Since then she has become chair of chemistry at Central Michigan University. She mentions several faculty as influential, including David Nurok, Paul Dubin, David Malik and Leon Studulski, all of whom have since retired .
Introducing the newest Chemistry faculty member: Ian K. Webb
Would you like to meet someone who plays the guitar, but also works with a linear ion trap/time-of-flight mass spectrometer? How about someone who plays golf and baseball, and can use gas-phase ion/ion reactions and IM/MS to study protein structure? Or someone who long ago played the cello and who long ago measured proton affinities and gas-phase acidities?
Happy 50th IUPUI
Many Chemistry alumni will know that our own history goes back many years to the Krannert Building and the 38th Street Campus (just across the street from the Indiana State Fairgrounds main entrance) and to the general chemistry laboratories on the second floor of Cavanaugh Hall on the Main Campus. Were you around when Hardees was our “food service” or did you ever take a break from work or classes to get an elephant ear during the fair?
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