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The political fray in Sacramento is coming to an end this session. While we have been away this summer enjoying family, travel, and time off, Sacramento has been in action. At this point, bills are either shelved or awaiting the Governor’s signature. All this is happening with the backdrop of the political season for the General Election this November. Your public, likely already saturated in political acrimony, is going to experience more fuel on their political fire in the coming weeks. Batten down the hatches.

The end of the legislative session serves as a reminder of the fight for local control in California, and that immediately makes me think of the League of California Cities. The League is celebrating its 120-year anniversary. That is a big number and a testament to the legacy of the organization and its ability to evolve with the times. California cities have a long history of collaborating and strongly representing themselves in Sacramento, and their success has created a wonderful fabric of communities across our state.

As many of us assemble in Long Beach for the League’s Annual Conference and Expo, take time to reconnect with old friends, but not to the exclusion of making new ones. Mentor a fresh-faced council member. Inject some new ideas in the mind of a veteran mayor. Find ways to measure success and progress in our communities. Uncover a new technology or idea that could help change the way we approach a challenge by walking the exhibit hall floor and talking to exhibitors.

There is going to be a lot of conferring going on on Long Beach this week. Cherish your leadership role and the opportunities you will have to advance your community.

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Client Highlight: Rolling Hills Estates
Nestled in the north-east side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula of Los Angeles County, the City of Rolling Hills Estates is home to roughly 8,000 people, 175 acres of park area, and 25 miles of bridle paths. Rolling Hills Estates has been focused on preserving the roots of its family-centric, equestrian community since its incorporation in 1957.

2018 Conference Plans
The Tripepi Smith team can frequently be found on the local government conference circuit! Come find us at the following events:

  • LOCC Annual Conference (Long Beach) 
  • ICMA Annual Conference (Baltimore, MD) 
  • MISAC Annual Conference (Rancho Mirage) 
  • MMASC Annual Conference (Indian Wells)
  • MMANC Annual Conference (Yosemite) 
Service Spotlight: Business Development Support
Tripepi Smith has a vast repertoire of clients, partners and colleagues at the local government level and beyond. Combined with seasons of work in our industry, we naturally started connecting the dots from sales and marketing to networking and business development.

Now, we are offering our industry know-how to you.

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Bria Balliet
Bria Balliet has always been a passionate storyteller. She studied communication at UC San Diego, where she honed her writing skills as an editor of several publications. After earning her B.A., she joined an Orange County-based publication company, creating content that spanned multiple channels including feature stories for web and print, social media posts and newsletters. She also provided graphic design and photography support.

On the Tripepi Smith team, Bria contributes to content creation, graphic design, video production, and social media coordination efforts. Rolling Hills Estates, Hawaiian Gardens, Santa Ana and Avenu Analytics are just a few of our clients that Bria serves.
Tripepi Smith provides marketing, technology and public affairs solutions  for private companies and public agencies. Whether you're redoing your website, driving an email campaign, shooting a video or launching on Facebook, Tripepi Smith can help.
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